Tatsuki Fujimoto’s Goodbye Eri Is Already One of This Year’s Best Manga


Tatsuki Fujimoto is back in the headlines this week, and the artist has his most recent project to thank. After all, the mangaka just released a massive new one-shot, and it is just as good as fans anticipated. In fact, some are calling the series his best yet, and it’s definitely worth a read if you haven’t picked it up right now.

For those needing some context, Fujimoto put out a 200-page one-shot this week courtesy of Shonen Jump. Shueisha released the chapter digitally after teasing fans about the project for a couple of weeks. Of course, fans were excited to see what Fujimoto came up with, and the slides below prove just how obsessed readers are with the project.

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After all, Fujimoto is a rare sort of artist who can deal action as well as introspection. His work on Chainsaw Man blends the two easily enough, and the shonen is packed with violence. As for this new one-shot, Goodbye Eri leans into slice-of-life scenes more often than not, but its dark undercurrent is quintessentially Fujimoto. And now, fans are dying for Shueisha to release this latest manga in print so it can join their shelves at home.

If you have not read Goodbye Eri, you can find the full one-shot online in English. Viz Media has shared Fujimoto’s work for free through its Shonen Jump vault here.

What do you think about Fujimoto’s big new release? Have you checked out Goodbye, Eri yet? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.

What a Champ

tatsuki fujimoto is in such a privileged position. he’s drawing shuzo oshimi style comics in shounen jump and somebody’s just letting him get away with it

— Andes Chucky (@wendeego) April 10, 2022


Absolute Perfection

Fujimoto has created another masterpiece.

“Goodbye Eri” is perfect pic.twitter.com/UTrYns7oOQ

— Atsu ? (@Atsushi101X) April 11, 2022


Once in a Lifetime

genuinely don’t know how fujimoto is able to do it again and again

it has become obvious that this man is one of those talents that you rarely ever will see, masterful one shot in Goodbye, Eri pic.twitter.com/LNWfadnTq9

— Soitsu (@bamisoffline) April 11, 2022


It’s Definitely Possible

Fujimoto’s the only author to get me hyped over a page of a grown ass man quietly eating dinner pic.twitter.com/OJW6Qj5lkd

— Oblivious (@oblivibum) April 11, 2022


A Can’t Miss

Had a BLAST (?) reading #GoodbyeEri!

Filled to bursting with all the heart, humour and style that’s made Tatsuki Fujimoto a household name in the manga world today.

I think #LookBack still beats it for the top spot for me, but this is one manga masterclass you can’t miss! ? pic.twitter.com/7Tuby2Yrr9

— Luke (@LJ_Hollywood) April 11, 2022


The Ultimate Creation

read “goodbye eri” and holyshit that would be the best anime movie if they ever decide to turn it to one. fujimoto always creates masterpieces ong 10/10 enjoyed it better than csm, peak one shot imo pic.twitter.com/bzdf98UB3v

— FiEX?!! cr bleach (@fiexarlert) April 11, 2022


It’s Like Magic

I don’t know how Tatsuki Fujimoto does it, but these one-shots of his cut deeper than any other manga I’ve read before.

It’s like he peers into my soul and creates a story exclusively tailored to my history and my psyche.

— Dazza (@DoctorDazza) April 11, 2022


An Actual Masterpiece

Fujimoto’s mastery over the basics of composition never cease to amaze me. Even with Goodbye Eri’s limited format, small movements, dialogue placement, and scale effortlessly guide the reader across page after page.

There’s absolutely no wasted space and it’s beautiful. pic.twitter.com/jW8PmwxByy

— dorkei (@dorkei_) April 11, 2022


A Definite Buy

I genuinely liked “Sayonara Eri” by Tatsuki Fujimoto. I don’t want to spoil too much but he skillfully played with my expectations & knowledge of the tropes to the point where I got insecure about what & who is real now. Def buying the tankobon

Image (C) Shueisha, Tatsuki Fujimoto pic.twitter.com/1yHG4KZZi1

— Manga Mogura RE (@MangaMoguraRE) April 10, 2022


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