Storm Is Forming a New X-Men Team Under a Familiar Villain Name

Today marks the launch of X-Men Red, a new X-Men title that takes the place of S.W.O.R.D. The series puts the spotlight on Arakko, the terraformed Mars that is now home to the Amenth mutants. Storm was named Regent of Sol and sits on its governing body called the Great Ring. Arakko isn’t a carbon copy of Krakoa, as the mutants that reside on the planet only know of war and not peace. This is why certain characters like Abigail Brand believe Arakko needs the steady hand of an X-Men team to ease tensions. However, Storm is recruiting a different kind of team, with its name dating back to an evil organization

WARNING: Spoilers for X-Men Red #1

Similar to Immortal X-Men, X-Men Red #1 by Al Ewing, Stefano Caselli, Federico Blee, and VC’s Ariana Maher has a lot of politicking going on between its cast of characters. After S.W.O.R.D. revealed Abigail Brand is secretly working with X-Men nemesis Orchis, Sunspot, Vulcan, and the resurrected Thunderbird are given prominent roles in the Arakko hierarchy. Brand chooses a post-barroom brawl between Sunspot, Vulcan, and Thunderbird to whisper in Storm’s ear about Arakko needing a controlling influence. In her mind, the X-Men would be the perfect solution. These X-Men of Mars would help set an example for the Arakki. Storm agrees but is looking at the chessboard with different eyes.

Sunspot has been keeping a close eye on Abigail Brand as well. He can already tell she wants to shape Arakko into another mutant Utopia, whether Arakko has any say in it or not. Roberto da Costa turns to his former headmaster Magneto, newly relocated to Arakko after quitting the Quiet Council in Immortal X-Men #1, with the idea of an X-Men team representing Mars. But “X-Men” doesn’t really fit with the warrior lifestyle of the Arakki, according to Storm. “This is not Mars,” she tells Sunspot and Magneto. “This is Arakko. To defend it, we must be of Arakko.” If Abigail Brand is looking for X-Men, then Storm will lead a counter team named after the Brotherhood.

x-men-red-storm-new-costume.png(Photo: Marvel Comics)

Storm ends X-Men Red #1 debuting her brand-new costume designed by artist Russell Dauterman. It would appear Storm’s Brotherhood will consist of herself, Magneto, and Sunspot, with Abigail Brand’s X-Men featuring perhaps Cable and Vulcan, with Thunderbird the wildcard on the table. Of course, Magneto was the founder of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, along with Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Toad, and Mastermind. There have been various iterations throughout the years, but this version will look to co-opt the name in a similar fashion to Emma Frost and Kate Pryde’s Marauders.


As for Storm’s new costume, here’s what Russell Dauterman had to say about it in December: “Here’s the new design I did for Storm, coming this spring to the X-MEN comics! Was very happy to design more X-Men! The assignment was to give Ororo an updated version of her 80s mohawk costume — I wanted to merge that punk aesthetic with her goddess and superhero looks.”

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