Steam Makes Popular 2013 AAA Game Free for Everybody

A popular 2013 AAA game has been made free for all users. The newest free Steam game comes the way of Techland, the developer and publisher best known for Dead Island and Dying Light. The game also comes courtesy of 2013, when it was released. The game in question is Call of Juarez: Gunslinger, a game many feel is not just one of the most underrated games of its year, but the generation, and for some, ever. In 2021, the game is viewed very positively by many, but as you may remember, despite being a commercial success, it wasn’t a great critical success, with Metacritic scores ranging from 75 to 79, depending on the platform. While these scores aren’t terrible, they seem to be quite low based on just how many people gush about the game whenever it comes up. All of that said, over on Steam, it’s free until December 14. After December 14, it will return to its normal price point of $15. That said, once downloaded, the game is yours to keep forever.

On Steam, the game boasts the rare “Overwhelmingly Positive” User Review rating, with 95 percent of 17,788 reviews reviewing the game positively.

“Can you stand against the deadliest gunslingers who ever lived,” reads an official pitch of the game. “From the dust of a gold mine to the dirt of a saloon, Call of Juarez Gunslinger is a real homage to the Wild West tales. Live the epic and violent journey of a ruthless bounty hunter on the trail of the West’s most notorious outlaws. Blurring the lines between man and myth, this adventure made of memorable encounters unveils the untold truth behind some of the greatest legends of the Old West.”


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