Star Wars: X-Men Writer Simon Kinberg Confirms He Never Wrote Boba Fett Movie Script

In the years since Disney purchased Lucasfilm, countless reports and rumors have emerged about planned projects, but one adventure that was seemingly more fiction than fact was X-Men writer Simon Kinberg writing a Boba Fett film, per The Playlist. At one point, Lucasfilm had tapped Chronicle director Josh Trank to develop a spinoff film for the franchise that would feature Fett, while other reports claimed as recently as 2018 that Logan director James Mangold was attached to a project featuring the bounty hunter. Kinberg himself, however, noted that such a script doesn’t exist. Star Wars: The Book of Boba Fett will be debuting on Disney+ on December 29th.

When discussing with the outlet the various reports about potentially writing a Boba Fett movie, as well as potentially being in contention for the sequel trilogy, Kinberg noted, “Well, I never wrote a script to Boba Fett, but those other things, yes.” The Playlist did point out that, while it was unclear if this means Kinberg was attached and the project never moved forward or if he never even became attached in any degree, they were unable to confirm with Kinberg.

While those projects might not have become a reality, Kinberg did write for Star Wars Rebels, which allowed him the opportunity to collaborate with a number of franchise icons.

“[Lucasfilm president] Kathleen Kennedy, who’s a hero of mine, hired me and Michael Arndt and Larry Kasdan to spend a bunch of time together just brainstorming with George Lucas on future Star Wars movies,” Kinberg detailed. “And we spent time up at Skywalker Ranch … It was kind of like a writer’s room. We had whiteboards, and me and Larry and Michael and Kathy’s team, headed by Kiri Hart, we would just work together in the daytime and at night we would have dinner at the ranch and drink and Larry would tell stories about the original Star Wars movies he worked on and the [Indiana Jones] movies and, you know, it was like heaven.”

Despite parting ways with the franchise at the time, the filmmaker detailed how much he enjoyed the experience while also confirming that he’d be happy to return to the galaxy far, far away.

“I just got busy with other things and their focus also shifted away from some of the things we were working on,” Kinberg confessed. “So, there wasn’t any particular reason. And also, my involvement would sort of wax and wane over the years because sometimes I was so immersed in the X-Men universe that I couldn’t really be present in the way that I needed to be present to focus on something as important as the Star Wars universe. And there were other times that I was more available, and I was a part of it. So yeah, I would love to do more in the future. I love Dave [Filoni], I love Jon [Favreau], I love Kathy [Kennedy]. I love everyone involved and keep in touch with kind of all of them in one form or another.”

Star Wars: The Book of Boba Fett debuts on Disney+ on December 29th.


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