Star Wars: Get Excited About These Book of Boba Fett Episodes Says Series DP

The Book of Boba Fett is very special for filmmaker and professional fanboy Kevin Smith, not only because it’s a long-awaited Star Wars series but his longtime director of photography and friend David Klein served as one of the cinematographers on the show. Having cut his teeth in the Star Wars universe in The Mandalorian season two, Klein returned for Boba Fett and he’s now reunited with his old pal Kev for a conversation (sadly a brief one) about the new series. Speaking with Smith on his latest FatMan Beyond podcast, the pair waxed poetic on the behind-the-scenes magic of the show but Klein also offered a tease of which episodes fan should get excited about, and the answer won’t surprise you.

Smith asked Klein what his favorite episodes of the series are and which ones fans should be looking forward to, and the director of photography didn’t miss a beat, answering:”….5, 6, and 7.” Klein’s reply was met with raucous laughter from all three since they’re the final episodes of the series, and ones fans would no doubt be watching anyway, but considering the faces that have already appeared in the first two…who might be showing up later?

There was also plenty of talk about behind-the-scenes work on the series with Klein confirming a surprising detail about how the shows are conceived at Lucasfilm, revealing that each episode doesn’t have storyboards but is entirely animated.

“Oh no, no, there aren’t storyboards, there’s a full pre-vis, a full animatic of every episode. (Before we shoot it). That’s, I’ve gotta say, the way that the volume works you have to know what you’re doing ahead of time because you have to know your background. We’ve been lighting these backgrounds in VR. I spent so much time in VR goggles lighting the backgrounds, it’s like a four month process from when we start lighting the VR backgrounds to when we can actually look at them on the walls. It’s a big deal.”

Klein went on to pay tribute to Smith though, telling him, “I wouldn’t be anywhere in this business without you sir, I’m not kidding, I’m not kidding.”


The Book of Boba Fett is now streaming on Disney+ with new episodes debuting every Wednesday on the service.

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