Star Wars Fans Hyped That Sabine Wren Will Appear in Live-Action Ahsoka Series

The cast of the Star Wars: Ahsoka series is finally coming together, and it looks like Lucasfilm is putting together the live-action Star Wars Rebels reunion that fans have been asking for. Rosario Dawson is returning as the titular Ahsoka, reprising her role from The Mandalorian Season 2. The series is following her journey to track down the villainous Thrawn and she’s going to get some help from Rebels fan-favorite Sabine Wren.

On Friday, it was revealed that The Society star Natasha Liu Bordizzo will be taking on the role of Sabine in the series, helping the character make her live-action debut after leading several seasons of the animated Rebels.

Fans have been hoping to see Sabine in a live-action Star Wars title for some time, and Ahsoka is finally giving everyone that chance. As you can probably imagine, fans from around the world immediately starting taking to Twitter, talking about their excitement for Bordizzo to take on the role of Sabine and how the character’s style will transform from Rebels.

You can take a look at a few of the tweet from Star Wars fans below!

We Are Not Prepared

I don’t think we’re prepared to see Sabine Wren’s Mandalorian armour in live action!#StarWars #Ahsoka #SabineWren

— The Book of Iain ? (@starwarsiain) November 21, 2021


Can’t Wait

Sabine is legit one of my all time favorite characters. Can’t wait for this. #StarWars

— Andres Cabrera (@SquadLeaderAce) November 19, 2021



They’re going to serve as Sabine and Ezra. Ashoka bout to be everything ??

— RV. (@Beetsnbear) November 20, 2021


So Excited

Just thinking about Ezra, Sabine and Thrawn in the Ahsoka series along with Hayden MF Christensen returning as Anakin Skywalker. I am so fucking excited man

— ajay (@AjayTheSWGuy) November 21, 2021


We Heart

???? in this
????? house
?????? we
?????? heart
sabine wren
?????????? ??

— nina?? rebels rewatch era? (@NinaNaberrie) November 22, 2021


Blowing Minds

this Sabine casting is still blowing my mind

— rose skywalker ? (@anakinerikstark) November 21, 2021


Next Great Love Story

I believe Sabine Wren and Ezra Bridger will be the next great Star Wars love story

— Darth Charmant (@ArabHashEater) November 20, 2021


Paint Job

I’m excited to see the new paint job Sabine is gonna be sporting on that armor of hers.

— Roberto Venegas (@Roberto_Draws) November 19, 2021




— Barrett “CEO JR” Courtney (@SadBoyBarrett) November 20, 2021


Sorry in Advance

I’m sorry for the person I become when we see live action Sabine

— Tommy???? (@Kit_fist_flow) November 21, 2021


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