Star Wars Fans Freaking out Over Fake Galaxy’s Edge Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Balloon

Star Wars fans couldn’t believe the wild Galaxy’s Edge balloon at The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Basically, it was a AR experience that some people could see with their goggles. An alien and his little Porg were transported away by the Millennium Falcon as the crowd looked on in wonder. Al Roker seemed to be enjoying himself, especially when the iconic ship rocketed into the distance. Little Porgs were floating around and people at home seemed to be massively confused by the entire thing. The funniest thing about the entire segment might have been the fact that the balloons were CGI and there probably wasn’t anything in the sky for the people on the ground to react to. Star Wars fans were eating good this morning as Grogu made an appearance too. The Mandalorian’s biggest star floated through as part of a collaboration with Funko celebrating The Child. People on social media seemed to really get a kick out of that very real balloon too. All in all, a good showing for Dinsey and Lucasfilm on Thanksgiving Day.

“This remote outpost on the galaxy’s edge was once a busy crossroads along the old sub-lightspeed trade routes, but its prominence was bypassed by the rise of hyperspace travel,” Disney said of the planet Batuu on their site. “Now home to those who prefer to stay out of the mainstream, it has become a thriving port for smugglers, rogue traders, and adventurers traveling between the frontier and uncharted space. It’s also a convenient safe haven for those intent on avoiding the expanding reach of the First Order. While Batuu may be new to us, it is clearly already familiar to many characters from the Star Wars saga as a stepping-off point for epic adventures.”

When the Millenium Falcon makes an appearance at the #ThanksgivingDayParade! ?@starwars

— Anabella Poland (@AnabellaPoland) November 25, 2021

Did you see this bizarre balloon at home? Let us know in the comments! Check out the best Tweets down below:

People are too creative!

I’m super excited for the @Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade next week on @nbc, especially the debut flight of the Funko Grogu-inspired balloon! #MacysParade #Funko #TheMandalorian @OriginalFunko @brianmariotti @starwars

— Caleb Michael (@PezSundae) November 16, 2021


A lot of Star Wars going on

This parade is taking this Star Wars thing to a whole new level this year. #StarWars #MacysParade @Macys @starwars

— Kurt Glenn (@glenn_biz) November 25, 2021


I mean look at this

Yoooo, YO! @disney @Macys @starwars Thank you!!! but why couldn’t the #Porg balloon be real?!? ? (sorry about the captions) #porgs #porglife

— Little Fish- Searching for Stanley (@TNooler) November 25, 2021



They just said “where’s Han Solo” on the macys day parade when the millennium falcon showed up. #StarWars

— Logan (@LoganRieger_) November 25, 2021


Nice tree!

#MacysParade Star Wars Millenium Falcon Ship #starwars

— Manolo D?az?? (@editortvpr) November 25, 2021


Such a strange sight

So a #StarWars augmented reality moment just happened @ #MacysParade when the Falcon showed up – must’ve been weird and boring in person.

— Jeff Goldsmith (@yogoldsmith) November 25, 2021


Quick getaway

Looks like @StarWars invaded the #MacysParade with an AR ‘balloon’ chasing some Porgs before it was whisked away by the Millennium Falcon.

— Tariq J. Malik (@tariqjmalik) November 25, 2021


So wild to see

Just WOW!

The Millennium Falcon just now at the #ThanksgivingDay #Parade was absolutely an amazing display!

Well done!#StarWars

— Billie (@BillieO2) November 25, 2021


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