Spy x Family Just Animated One of Anya’s Most Famous Memes


Spy x Family has just animated one of Anya Forger‘s most famous memeable faces with the newest episode of the series! Ever since it was first announced that Tatsuya Endo;s original manga series would be getting an official anime adaptation of its own kicking off this Spring, fans started to think about all of the major moments they wanted to see come to life. It’s no secret as to why fans wanted to see it all come to life as much of the illustrative work in both the action and comedy from the manga was already full of so much character.

With the first half of the anime’s debut cour introducing fans to Anya and the rest of the members of the Forger family, it’s time to move ahead with the series as Anya officially made her way into Eden Academy with the newest episode. While there are still many more challenges for Anya ahead, the biggest will be whether or not she actually get closer with her own intended target, Damien Desmond, as her first real interaction with him left him completely angry with her beyond any kind of potential recovery.

This all began with Anya listening to her mother’s advice and smiling to keep her emotions down, but Anya’s own version of that smile soon kicks off the face that launched a thousand memes. Read on to see what fans are saying about Anya’s meme face coming to life in the newest episode, and let us know how you feel about it! Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!


Heh pic.twitter.com/f6X6LZ8nNF

— SPY x FAMILY? (@SpyFamilyManga) May 14, 2022


The Wrath

the wrath of Anya#SPY_FAMILY pic.twitter.com/J63lYz4aPC

— cry (@seoby_) May 15, 2022


A Smug Family!

smug x family pic.twitter.com/ivs0JuNtf8

— chao (@chaopiico) May 15, 2022


The Perfect Pair

Damian’s anime debut #spyxfamily #spy_family pic.twitter.com/EH8B4d2VHX

— S?????? ? (@sel3phi) May 14, 2022


Love Her!

I literally love anya pic.twitter.com/zhTp7jXOv3

— amber ? (@tanijrou) May 14, 2022


A Meme Factory!

Heh. Anya is a full-time meme factory. #SPYxFamily #SPY_FAMILY #???????? pic.twitter.com/CyZmQeQgff

— Joshua Chiu (@JoshuaChiu1993) May 14, 2022


Here’s How it Compares to the Original!

HEH. this moment has finally come ?#SPY_FAMILY #???????? #anya pic.twitter.com/qOOsKXTsFu

— ?SPYxFAMILY? (@spyfamily_fan) May 14, 2022


And Don’t Forget the Punch!

Anya iconic punch spread finally animated#SPY_FAMILY #SPYxFamily pic.twitter.com/Gocs3IGUD7

— anya likes peanuts ???? (@SidnerdArt) May 15, 2022


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