SpongeBob SquarePants Fan Defends Plankton With a Simple Yet Powerful Take That Went Viral


SpongeBob SquarePants has ignited the latest culture war, as a modern debate in entertainment finally reaches the SpongeBob franchise. It used to be a clear-cut case of who was a hero and who is the villain in any given story. Modern audiences tend to lean toward more complex notions of what villainy is all about – many even tend to sympathize with bad guys as misunderstood or mistreated victims, railing against a society that broke them. Even Marvel’s genocidal baddie Thanos has his own cheerleading squad – and now SpongeBob’s curmudgeonly baddie Plankton is getting new considerations.

As you can see below, a tweet supporting SpongeBob SquarePants’ Plankton has set off a dumpster fire of opinion on social media. Where do YOU stand in this all-important societal debate?

Which One Is Worse?

krabby patty, its in the name, no other crabs in the bikini bottom makes u think?????

— uhhsalt ? (@uhhsault) December 13, 2021

The debate about Plankton morphed into a debate about who is TRULY the evil force in Bikini Bottom. Plankton and Mr. Krabs both seem to be making a dollar off of some undersea cannibalism, so who should we really be feeling for?


Another Goofy Guy!

plankton was in a silly goofy mood pic.twitter.com/QPhyxYAloj

— och? ? (@mauIorian) December 13, 2021

Darth Maul: another misunderstood guy who just loved to goof around!


Evil? Or Just Goofy?

he was in a silly goofy mood, your honour

— Violet (@Elodie_35_) December 12, 2021

Because this kind of scheming is just something everyone does for fun, right?



I’m sorry baby but that is not how you spell Krabby Patty ? ?

— the la li lu le lo (@caitface42) December 12, 2021

A reminder to always check your spelling when going off.


Espionage or Reclamation?

Plankton invented the recipes, he’s the nikola Tesla of the SpongeBob universe.

— Ryan Lewis (@Lewis_Ryan321) December 13, 2021

Could it be that Plankton was actually robbed of his pioneering ideas and left to poverty? Is there a case to be made here???


“Burger” = Corporate Espionage

“Just wanted a burger” his whole thing was corporate espionage

— Chief ?? ?? (@ChiefBlief) December 13, 2021

If you don’t know your SpongeBob lore, Sheldon J. Plankon’s whole deal was trying to steal his restaurant rival Mr. Krabs’ secret recipe for his Krabby Patties dish. So yeah, interesting way to look at ‘wanting a burger.’


{replyCount}commentsPLANKTON WAS NOT A VILLAIN

so sick of the Plankton slander. you think Mr Krabs is any better? he’s a narcissistic capitalist nightmare who love-bombed Mrs. Puff and sent his neurodivergent minor daughter on a date with an adult man.

— katie (@skatie420) December 12, 2021

Well, that certainly is a take…


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