Spider-Man: No Way Home Gets A Weird Trailer With All Three Spider-Mans


Spider-Man: No Way Home now has a Weird Trailer for fans to see – one that finally gives fans the long-awaited sight of Tom Holland, Tobey Maguire, and Andrew Garfield’s versions of Spider-Man all fighting together. It may be just another example of the immense wishful thinking about No Way Home that Marvel fans have collectively landed on, but it’s also plenty cool to see! If you are unfamiliar, the Weird Trailers by Aldo Jones take real movie trailers and spices them up with all kinds of digital remixes, including characters and scenes spliced in from other films.

Check out the Weird Trailer for Spider-Man: No Way Home, down below!

Marvel and Sony’s Spider-Man: Homecoming series has been heavy on the comedy aspect, thanks to director Jon Watts. Getting a Weird Trailer for one of these is almost comedy overload, but here we are. Jones has almost too much fun bringing Tobey Maguire’s “Emo Peter Parker” from Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 3 into various scenes of this trailer, but it’s more fun than we’re probably ever going to have with that misguided take on the character…

This Weird Trailer for Spider-Man: No Way Home also has some pretty deep-cut cameos from various side and supporting characters from the various Spider-Man movie franchises – down to Peter Parker’s pizza shop boss, Mr. Aziz (Aasif Mandvi), and his gross landlord, Mr. Ditkovitch (Elya Baskin). Of course, the late, great, Rosemary Harris gets a major spotlight as the original Aunt May, who shows up to both save Tom Holland’s Spidey from Alfred Molina’s Doc Ock (classic Spider-Man 2 stuff!) and ease the crackling anger of Jamie Foxx’s Electro with some well-placed allowance money. Still a true queen.

In addition to more Spider-Men, this weird trailer goes all-out with a finale battle that brings together the villains of the Sinister Six – all collected from various Spider-Man movies. It’s that final bit that’s the real “money shot,” as we see all three Spider-Men going into battle against the Sinister Six villains in the set-piece of that large construction site from the trailer.


Unlike so many other fan-made trailers – which are purely wishful thinking – this No Way Home Weird Trailer is pretty much exactly what fans are hoping, praying, we see in this actual movie. In fact, many fans are hoping the climatic scenes of this Weird Trailer are in fact the actual footage that’s in No Way Home, seen without all the digital censoring Marvel Studios does.

Spider-Man: No Way Home hits theaters on December 17th.

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