Spider-Man: No Way Home Fans Freaking Out Over Electro’s Usage of Stark Tech


There is a lot more going on with the the villains in Spider-Man: No Way Home than we initially thought. The newest trailer for No Way Home made it look like there was some kind of nano-tech enhancement on Doc Ock’s suit arms, and it had fans wondering where the additional upgrades came from. Now, thanks to a new TV spot, a closer look at Electro’s new costume provides what appears to be a direct tie to Tony Stark.

Jamie Foxx’s Electro is getting a big redesign in No Way Home, ditching the blue look from The Amazing Spider-Man 2 for an updated take on his classic comic costume. It was difficult to see in the trailer, but a close-up in the TV spot showed where Electro’s power is coming from, and it looks like the sam Arc Reactor that Tony Stark designed and used to keep himself alive for years.

spider-man-no-way-home-new-electro-pic.jpg(Photo: Marvel Studios)

There’s no telling just yet how this Electro could have gotten ahold of an Arc Reactor, but there are obviously some theories. Could he have killed the Tony Stark in his reality? Could the Tony in that universe have helped him? There’s no way to know just yet, but it’s hard to mistake the look of that technology on his suit.

Marvel fans everywhere took to social media to react to this potentially shocking reveal, pun intended. You can check out some of the reactions below!

Fire Emoji

#Electro with the arc reactor ? (Via: _MarvelQuotes) pic.twitter.com/1a7uAioGYM

— Binge Watch This (@BingeWatchThis_) November 21, 2021


Electro Boy Jr.


Ion want no Electro Boy Jr ? pic.twitter.com/VEONBWmDsr

— Hassan Hamid ? (@HassanHamid266) November 21, 2021



BRO THESE NEW TV SPOTS FOR #SpiderManNoWayHome are getting INSANE

Is Electro using an ARC REACTOR?!? pic.twitter.com/VcemZpn61V

— ?LIVE ON TWITCH: HMKILLA (@HMKilla) November 21, 2021


Makes Complete Sense

electro having an arc reactor makes complete sense tbh and that’s coming from someone who heavily dislikes mcu spidey ? pic.twitter.com/Hgqx9pfmAB

— denzel ? (@spiderdip) November 21, 2021


Take a Look, It’s in a Book

I hope people don’t start complaining about electro using an arc reactor considering he had similar tech in the earlier comics pic.twitter.com/L51OxkKHBO

— spi-der (@wellppi) November 21, 2021


That What That Is?

In the #SpiderManNoWayHome new trailer, Electro has Iron Man’s arc reactor on his chest? ? pic.twitter.com/ssbg67pBnD

— Didem (@TeamDowney1965) November 21, 2021



Electro using Iron Man’s arc reactor to become more powerful is awesome #SpiderManNoWayHome pic.twitter.com/kXW2fNmfbz

— BLURAYANGEL (@blurayangel) November 21, 2021


Don’t Mind

If this is an arc reactor to help Electro stabilize his powers, I don’t mind. Makes sense that technology that’s been introduced into the world would be utilized – same way we use Apple and Microsoft etc.

Plus, comic characters are always using Stark, Pym, and Richards’ tech. https://t.co/9vZSkFBxM4

— Richard Newby (@RICHARDLNEWBY) November 21, 2021



Electro survives the events of TASM 2. Tony Stark decides to help Max by containing his powers using an arc reactor, explaining his new look. Electro then kills Tony, causing Andrew’s version of Peter Parker to retaliate and kill Max. https://t.co/M0Rvbop3j9

— Jack McBryan (@McBDirect) November 21, 2021


No Way Home

I don’t have a problem with Electrk using an arc reactor ? makes sense if that’s what keeps his human form intact. As well as the other villains.

None of them want to go back. They’re making the MCU their home. I think the redesigns are supposed to represent that. pic.twitter.com/94o0MzyOxH

— Hernandy (C*m Cleaner 3: Tokyo Drift) (@Pollos_Hernandy) November 20, 2021


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