Spider-Man Actors Tom Holland and Zendaya Explain Why They Don’t Want a Sex Scene


Spider-Man: No Way Home stars Tom Holland and Zendaya sounded off on the prospect of the hero having sex in one of these movies. It’s a strange question, and they both voiced their non-interest in that with Yahoo! Entertainment. Eternals opened that particular door for the MCU and once that particular bell is rung, there’s no going back. So, Holland and Zendaya were asked about their feelings. After all, MJ and Peter Parker are in love, but both actors think that it’s more than a little too soon to be thinking about that. Check out what they had to say about the idea down below:

“I don’t think it’s appropriate for the Spider-Man franchise,” Holland mused. “We are still very much young kids. Should there be a future for this character maybe one day we will explore that. But at the moment, this is a film about celebrating friendships and young love.”

“Peter Parker is like a little brother,” Zendaya added before the Spider-Man actor chimed in with. “No one wants to see Peter Parker having sex! That would be horrible.”

In a conversation with E! News, the actress explained how unsure the future is for her and the rest of the Spider-Man squad. No Way Home seems like the definitive end of this era of Peter Parker. With that knowledge, it’s okay to wonder exactly what is lurking in the future for MJ, Ned and the Wall-Crawler.

She said that making this Spider-Man installment “was kind of bittersweet,” Zendaya explained. “We don’t know if we’re gonna do another one. Like, is it just gonna be three and done? Normally you do three movies and that’s pretty much it, so I think we just were all absorbing and taking the time to just enjoy the moment, being with each other, and being so grateful for that experience.”


“When I did the first movie, I was 19,” added Zendaya, now 24 years old and an Emmy winner. “It’s pretty special growing up all together and being part of another legacy. It’s the Space Jam legacy and the Spider-Man legacy. There’s been so many different Spideys before us, and just kind of making everybody proud. So I don’t know, I feel very lucky to be a part of two kind of major legacy franchises.”

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