Spider-Man Actor Tom Holland Speaks Out on Replacing Robert Downey Jr. in the Marvel Universe


When Avengers: Endgame was released back in 2019, it ended with Iron Man/Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) dying and Captain America/Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) growing old, which has left fans of the MCU wondering who will lead the Avengers in the future. In a recent interview with GQ, Avengers: Endgame director Joe Russo named Spider-Man star Tom Holland the new face of the MCU. “Tom is stepping into the role that Robert Downey once occupied for Marvel, which is the favorite character, and in a lot of ways the soul of the Marvel universe,” Russo said. During another recent interview on Josh Wilding’s YouTube channel, Holland addressed Russo’s comments.

“I mean, I wouldn’t necessarily say that I’m the face of the universe,” Holland explained. “I know that fans are really supportive and have responded massively to this franchise. I’m honored that Joe thinks that. But, the beautiful thing about the MCU is, whoever is the leader, if there ever is a leader again, you’re never alone. You have so many people that you can rely on and lean on, and people that I’ve now worked with for years and years. So, I don’t necessarily feel those pressures, but should I feel those pressures, then yes, I’ll call Downey and ask, yeah. I called him the other day for a piece of advice, and he was very kind.”

As for Holland’s future in the MCU, there are currently rumors that he will be starring in another Spider-Man trilogy for Sony. Total Film recently spoke with the actor and he made it clear that no matter what, he would be there for the next person who will wear the Spider-Man mask.

“When they cast the young kid in Spider-Man to replace me, whether it’s next year or in five years, I’ll take it upon myself to teach them about the responsibilities of being Spider-Man,” Holland explained. “Because it’s huge. It’s absolutely huge. Every time you walk outside that door, you’re representing Spider-Man. It’s tough. It’s taxing sometimes. Because sometimes you just want to go to a pub and get absolutely wasted, and not have to worry about the ramifications of the public scrutiny of: ‘Oh my God, what do you mean you got drunk?'”


Spider-Man: No Way Home hits theaters on December 17th.

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