Sonic Frontiers Trends as Fans Beg for a Reveal at The Game Awards

On Thursday, The Game Awards 2021 is set to take place, and viewers can expect to see a number of trailers and reveals for various games. Yesterday, Sega and Geoff Keighley playfully teased that some kind of Sonic-related reveal might happen during the show, and fans are really hoping that it ends up being the new game from Sonic Team. That game was teased last May, but no official title or gameplay has been revealed. However, last month, a trademark for the name “Sonic Frontiers” was discovered, leading many to assume it’s the title for the next big Sonic game.

Tonight, Keighley asked fans on Twitter what they want to see from the show, and Sonic Frontiers began trending on Twitter as a direct result! It just goes to show the passion of Sonic fans, and how excited they are to see what Sonic Team has been cooking up. With Sonic the Hedgehog 2 slated to release in theaters next year as well, it’s already looking like 2022 is going to be a big one for Sega’s blue blur!

Keep reading to see what fans are saying about Sonic Frontiers!

We can all hope.

even tho its looking more unlikely now i still hope for a sonic frontiers trailer at the game awards

its been like 6 months since the first trailer so… pls ?

— ??rosemary?? (@StarlightRose_) December 7, 2021


That would be a lot of Sonic content!

Sonic Movie 2
Sonic Origins
Sonic Frontiers

— Aaron Beaird (@AaronBeaird3) December 7, 2021


Fans are hungry for new info.

If we get sonic movie 2 trailer or frontiers news tomorrow no cap I’ll work out for a month

— ?s???? (@Cheese2980) December 7, 2021


Show the people what they want, Geoff!

sonic frontiers i’ve been waiting my whole life for a open world sonic game

— christmas susie ? (@stockindonut) December 7, 2021


Do you really want to see that, Mr. Keighley?

Sonic Frontiers or I’ll DM you a thirty minute video of me crying

— Buzzbomber_ (@_BuzzBomber) December 7, 2021


Fans would even settle for Origins.

Hopefully it’s Frontiers or even Sonic Origins!

— Mem (@mem_a_frick) December 7, 2021


Samus and Sonic would make for a great show!

Prime Trilogy and/or Sonic Frontiers.

— Bravesoon7 #NorthernOvertureRerunPlz (@bravesoon7) December 7, 2021


Of course, Sonic and Zelda would be even better!

Sonic Frontiers and BOTW 2.

— Chris (@TheScreenDude4K) December 7, 2021


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