SNES Trends as Switch Fans Demand More Super Nintendo Games

Tonight, five classic Sega Genesis games were given a surprise release for Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack. While the news is certainly exciting, a lot of Switch owners are disappointed that Super Nintendo games have seemingly been forgotten. It’s been a few months since Nintendo updated the titles available, and there are still a number of notable options missing. Games like Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars and Earthbound are both missing in action, and have been requested by fans for quite some time. It’s understandable why Sega Genesis and Nintendo 64 are getting the most attention, but fans are hoping the SNES will receive more games in the future!

The fact that Nintendo is putting a bigger focus on Sega Genesis over Super Nintendo is pretty amusing to see, particularly for those that grew up during the ’90s. Console wars between the two companies were the stuff of legend back in the day. For the last 20 years, Nintendo and Sega have developed a strong working relationship, and some younger players might not even realize how strange it is that some of these games are on Switch!

Keep reading to see what fans are saying about Super Nintendo!

The SNES library is missing some notable games!

I have literally never heard of any of these. I have, however, heard of several n64 and snes games that you haven’t added

— CheeseTaster (@chuckabanks) December 17, 2021


Fans are happy about the Expansion Pack apps being updated…

Im glad they are already updating the newer consoles but some new NES or SNES games would be nice.

— Boomstick Butcher Mage Felix (Voiced by Himself) (@ABlackMageFelix) December 17, 2021


…but the SNES and NES could use some love, too.

Don’t forget about NES and SNES. We’re still paying for those after all.

— Wesley Whiteside (@wesleywhiteside) December 17, 2021


Hopefully, Nintendo hasn’t forgotten those consoles!

So we might be getting 6 games a month… that would be nice however we still haven’t filled out the nes and snes library so I’m hopeful that still gets good updates still not getting the expansion at this price though

— serga maraline (@SMaraline) December 17, 2021


It’s surreal to see Sega games take priority.

Adding more Genesis games at once than your own titles is W I L D

— Sir Valve(TM) SteamDerekton III (@_orufus) December 17, 2021


The Earthbound wait continues.

so no earthbound

— Thankfuldeta125 (@Cupcakedelta125) December 17, 2021


Super Mario RPG fans are running low on patience.

Cool, but what about NES and SNES games? These apps still exists and we are paying for them too and they are abbandoned for what, about 06 months. We want Super Mario RPG for ages and you know it. For Christ sake, please stop being petty.

— Eduardo – Color Splash no Switch – 2022 (@Edd_Boo) December 17, 2021


Let’s try to stay optimistic!

Snes is forgotten, just expansion pack exists now

— Venigma ? (@venigmaaa) December 17, 2021


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