Should Mass Effect Fans Be Worried Following Disappointing Dragon Age 4 Update?

Should Mass Effect fans be worried about the next Mass Effect game — tentatively dubbed Mass Effect 5 — following the latest Dragon Age 4 update. Much like Anthem was before it, the development of Dragon Age has been in development hell. The next installment in the award-winning series has been in some form of development for six years, with nothing to show so far. A big reason it’s taking so long, according to reports, is the project keeps getting rebooted, and along the way, BioWare has been bleeding talent, and not just any ol’ talent, some of its most prominent talent.

Following the reveal of a new Mass Effect game at The Game Awards 2020 and the release of Mass Effect Legendary Edition, it seemed BioWare had turned a page, but this week Dragon Age 4 lost its creative director, which is almost never a good sign for a game’s development, which in turn suggests BioWare’s troubles aren’t behind them.

Where does that leave the next Mass Effect game? Well, BioWare’s last two proper releases — Anthem and Mass Effect: Andromeda — were both messes, and so far it looks like Dragon Age 4 may be the next hot mess. Meanwhile, just about every key developer that made up the BioWare of old is gone. So, should Mass Effect fans be worried? Yes, because it’s increasingly obvious the studio is in turmoil and has been for several years now. While different teams within BioWare work on different things, this doesn’t negate the point that BioWare hasn’t released a successful new game since 2012, and that game was Mass Effect 3, when many key staffers were still around.

At the moment of publishing, there’s no word when the next Mass Effect game will release, but every time BioWare talks about it, it makes it sound like it’s far away. Unfortunately, for Mass Effect fans, the further we get away from 2012, the worse BioWare seems to get


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