Shocking Marvel Hero Just Became Galactus’ New Herald

Throughout his history in the Marvel world, Galactus has had a variety of heralds–the characters sent out before he devours a certain planet to warn its inhabitants of their impending doom. The most popular, by far, is Norrin Radd, the Silver Surfer. Then there are others like Terrax the Tamer, Firelord, and Frankie Raye amongst countless others. Now, the Devourer of Worlds has his latest herald…and it’s someone you’d never suspect.

Spoilers up ahead for Avengers #50! If you’ve yet to read through the latest Marvel team-up, you will be spoiled!

Jason Aaron and Ed McGuiness’ Avengers run has touched nearly every corner of the Marvel Universe. It’s gone cosmic, horror, superhero, spy thriller, and more. Now, the title has made Ka-Zar–yes, that Ka-Zar–the next herald of Galactus.

By the time Avengers #50 (or #750 if you count legacy numbering) picks up, the Son of the Tiger has been sent on a mission through time by Black Panther and the rest of the Avengers. Because of dwindling numbers on the roster and potential threats across time, Ka-Zar was sent to serve as a scout.

That’s when he came across Galactus and, well…found himself a new job. The issue ends with Ka-Zar and Galactus flying off to find the next planet to devour, with the former threatening Ka-Zar–now able to fly–with taking his newfound power cosmic away.


When we spoke with Aaron last month, the writer told us this Avengers run and its next spinoff, Avengers Forever, are the capstones to stories he’s been formulating for years.

“There’ll be more characters I’m writing for the first time in these stories that are coming next year in Avengers and Avengers Forever, that long list of characters popping up that you referenced like it’s going to get longer,” Aaron told us. “Especially with Avengers Forever, we’re talking about a book that balances the multiverse. So there’ll be a lot of other characters added to that list of ones I’ve written. But yeah, definitely still others that I’d like to tackle down the road. This next year especially will be about figuring out what the next stage of my career looks like.”

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