Servant Season 4 Might Already Secretly Be Moving Forward

Season 3 of Apple TV+‘s Servant wrapped production earlier this year and is set to premiere on the streamer in January, but a new report from Production Weekly, per Bloody Disgusting, could confirm that a fourth season is already heading into production, despite an official renewal announcement not yet having been made. Executive producer M. Night Shyamalan had previously hinted that he could see the series running for 60 episodes, but during the coronavirus pandemic, would go on to clarify he only saw the series running for four seasons, so it would only make sense that Apple TV+ would commit to allowing him to finish the series with just one more season. Season 3 of Servant is expected to premiere on Apple TV+ on January 21, 2022.

Created by Tony Basgallop, the series follows a Philadelphia couple in mourning after an unspeakable tragedy creates a rift in their marriage and opens the door for a mysterious force to enter their home. Lauren Ambrose and Toby Kebbell star alongside Nell Tiger Free and Rupert Grint, Season 3 of the series brings in new cast member Sunita Mani (Mr. Robot, GLOW).

Understandably, Shyamalan had hoped to map out the entire trajectory of the mysterious series as opposed to taking each season as it came, so when the pandemic afforded him the time to do just that, he realized how he could accomplish his goals in just four seasons.

“I changed my mind on [the length of the series] over the pandemic,” Shyamalan shared with Uproxx earlier this year. “I outlined the whole series over the pandemic and figured out where I wanted it to go and how many episodes it would be. And it came out to 40 … Instead of 60.”

The filmmaker went on to point out that, he also believes with a shorter number of episodes, he won’t have to commit as much time in the long run while also being able to maintain the quality of the series in that whole run.

“It made me figure it all out. Two things happened. Well, three things,” Shyamalan confessed. “One was I just wrote out all my ideas and it just came out to that. That was one. Two, I didn’t expect to be as involved in the show as I am. I mean, I do everything. I put in every sound effect. Right now, when I finish here, I’m going to go and listen to a cue. I did the writers’ room right before all this, for Season 3. Every color timing I do upstairs. I do everything. And I like it! I’m enjoying it!”

He continued, “I just don’t know what my life will be like many, many years from now. So I felt like I can commit at this level through next year and get us to the finish line on this thing. So it’s a combination of that. And also what we just talked about: that the world has changed so much and the streamers are everywhere. And what used to be a long commitment of six seasons feels eternal in this world. Whereas now, you see the impact of Queen’s Gambit has on Netflix, right? It’s powerful — it’s a commitment for the audience — but not that long. And yet it’s what everyone wanted. I feel it. And it affected me and it helped Netflix. And it’s one of the most sticky things that’s happened for them in a long time. And I feel like if I can do something super high quality for a burst of time here, that’s probably the best for me and for them. So it just ended up kind of naturally looking at the playing field, shifting from 60 episodes to 40. So that’s where my head went.”


Stay tuned for details on Servant before Season 3 hits Apple TV+ on January 21, 2022.

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