Season 13: Episode 24

TBU Comic Podcast Season 13: Episode 24

SEASON 13 2021 FINALE! Steph (@SMozVO), Ian (@ibmmiller), and Theo (@BatmanFan_4Life) bring you Season 13 episode 24 of The Batman Universe Comic Podcast – the last episode of 2021! On this final episode of the season (and year!), we have reviews, news, and more! Reviews: Robin #9 and Detective Comics #1046. Greater Gotham covers Nightwing #87, Batman/Catwoman #9, Robins #2, Catwoman Lonely City #2, Batman vs. Bigby #4, Catwoman #38, Harley Quinn #10, One Dark Knight #1. What is the connection between the Tournament of Lazarus and Year One? What is the best page in Detective Comics (spoiler alert!)? All these questions and more! Send us your feedback at, @TBU_Comics, or on our Discord server!

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