Season 13: Episode 23

TBU Comic Podcast Season 13: Episode 23

Steph (@SMozVO), Ian (@ibmmiller), and Theo (@BatmanFan_4Life) bring you Season 13 episode 23 of The Batman Universe Comic Podcast! On this penultimate episode of the season (and year!), we have reviews, news, and more! Reviews: Detective Comics Annual #2021 and Batman #118. Greater Gotham covers Batgirls #1, Gotham City Villains Anniversary, Batman: Fear State: Omega, Batman Annual 2021, and Robin Annual 2021. Will Theo and Ian survive the cataclysm of Batgirls #1? What does the future of Batman look like as Josh Williamson takes the reins? All these questions and more! Send us your feedback at, @TBU_Comics, or on our Discord server!

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