Schitt’s Creek Star Emily Hampshire Reveals the Cast’s Group Chat Is Going Strong, But Without Catherine O’Hara

Emily Hampshire played Stevie Budd on Schitt’s Creek for its entire run, and fans were sad to say goodbye to her and the Rose Family back in 2020. Recently, had the chance to chat with Hampshire about her new partnership with Jim Beam. During the interview, Hampshire opened up about everything from the potential second season of her new show, Chapelwaite, to revealing which superhero she’d want to play on the big screen. We also asked about the Schitt’s Creek cast, and whether or not their group chat is going strong.

“Oh yeah. So the thing is, we genuinely love each other. That was as much as, it was funny when fans were saying how sad they were that the show was ending. I was like, ‘It’s harder on me. I just lost a job and all my friends all at the same time,'” Hampshire shared. “So yeah, we do have the group chat. We sometimes take Dan [Levy] off it and talk about him,” she joked. “And Catherine [O’Hara] is not in the group chat because she still uses a 4S iPhone, and even the 4S iPhone doesn’t want to admit it’s an iPhone, so it acts like an Android, and so if you put her in a group chat it turns everybody green, and things don’t get sent, and it ruins everything.”

During the conversation, we asked Hampshire if she’s able to watch herself onscreen, and she admitted she hasn’t seen all of Schitt’s Creek.

“It’s weird. I used to always watch myself,” Hampshire explained. “I’ve been an actor since I was a kid, and I kind of had friends who were directors and would tell me, watch the dailies and you can learn from them. And so I would do that, but then as I’ve gotten older, and I guess maybe as I’ve worked more, I’ve just not been able to kind of keep up with watching stuff, or I just get onto the next thing, onto the next thing kind of feeling. So actually, I’m one of the rare people who’ve seen Schitt’s Creek once, and maybe not in its entirety, but I do love hearing how people can just watch it over and over again.”


Schitt’s Creek is currently streaming on Netflix.

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