Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update Blasts Will Smith and Academy’s Response

Throughout the week, Will Smith dominated the news cycle, a sure guarantee he was going to be a hot topic on Saturday Night Live. In the spotlight the actor was, getting lampooned in both his own skit — one where Chris Redd played the Oscar-winning actor — before being skewered by Colin Jost and Michael Che during the show’s “Weekend Update” sketch.

The vast majority of jokes towards the beginning of the weekly segment focused solely on Smith and his infamous slapping of comedian Chris Rock at last month’s Academy Awards. Suffice to say, Jost, Che, and the rest of the SNL writing crew got plenty of jokes in, entirely at Smith’s expense.

Colin and Che break down the slap

— Saturday Night Live – SNL (@nbcsnl) April 3, 2022

An overwhelming majority of SNL watchers seemed to find most of the jokes funny, though a few detractors were found here and there. Keep scrolling to see what people are saying.

Well Done

Michael Che and Colin Jost just finished Weekend Update and no one got assaulted. Also, well done this week.
?@nbcsnl #SNL

P.S. Got home in time to see the Will Smith skit just before Weekend Update. ?

— Ginger Edwin ?? (@GingerMEdwin) April 3, 2022


Love It

Loving the weekend update piling onto will smith

— ?? (@notfriedgehnic) April 3, 2022


On Point

Weekend update is on point with it’s coverage of the Will Smith debacle! #SNL

— Emre Yurttas (@emrey35) April 3, 2022


New Name

Weekend Update has turned into Will Smith Update #SNL #SaturdayNightLive

— Natalie (@Natalie_Cellini) April 3, 2022


Absolute Worst

Ok that was the absolute worst and most unfunny SNL Weekend Update way could have addressed the Will Smith slap. I knew it would suck, but wow. Idk why I even went out of my way to watch it.

— Alstor (@alstorotter) April 3, 2022



SNL weekend update’s Will Smith jokes was mad. Back to back hits ?

— Onyema (@onyemawinz) April 3, 2022



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