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WARNING: The following contains spoilers for the story “The Holiday Pact,” from ‘Tis the Season to be Freezin’, on sale now from DC Comics.

Everyone knows that the Flash is the Fastest Man Alive. Whether it be Barry Allen, Wally West, Jay Garrick, or even Bart Allen, the Scarlet Speedster is considered by many to be the fastest thing on the planet or even the multiverse. However, there’s one major figure in the DC Universe who thinks that the Flash is just a poser. A pretender, who’s nowhere near their speed or power – and they’re right.

Captain Cold and the Flash call a truce to bring some holiday cheer in the ‘Tis the Season to be Freezin’ story “The Holiday Pact” by Bobby Moynihan, Pop Mhan, Ivan Plascencia, and TBD. As the two enemies part ways at the tale’s end, someone high above sees the hero of Central City and looks down on him in more ways than one.

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Santa Claus and his Reindeer speed by, mocking the Flash and his claims of being the Fastest Man Alive. From the looks of it, Santa and his Reindeer have their own connection to the Speed Force, the source of the Flash’s power. He’s even got a pair of speedster goggles and a wing-tipped hat like a few other famous speedsters.

The fact that Santa has a connection to the Speed Force is certainly one explanation as to how he can fly around the entire world in one night. It also means that the mythical gift giver’s claims of being faster than the Flash could very well be true. With the same powers, he could very easily give the scarlet speedster a run for his money. The fact that he flies too could imply that he really is faster than Barry or Wally, as he wouldn’t have to deal with friction or any of the numerous obstacles on the ground.

It isn’t just speed that Santa trounces the Flash on, he has way more power beyond just going fast. One of his most notable achievements year after year, as told in Ty Templeton’s story “Present Tense” from DCU Holiday Bash #2, is how every Christmas Eve he infiltrates Apokolips, getting past each and every one of the planet’s defenses, to give Darkseid a single lump of coal. Breaking into Darkseid’s home would be impressive for the combined might of the Justice League, let alone one person. The fact that he’s able to do that every Christmas Eve and deliver presents all across Earth? He really must be faster than the Flash.

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Santa’s history in the DC Universe can get a bit muddled at times but each and every version of the character is incredibly powerful. The version that Lobo encountered, Kris “Chrusher” Kringle, was a brutal dictator who could more than hold his own in a fight against the Main Man. When Black Adam encountered old Saint Nicholas, he was a powerful wizard who hid away the ancient city of Myra in ice. Santa has also been seen to have a strong connection to the realm known as the Dreaming and once gained help from the Garrett Sanford Sandman.

All of this is leagues beyond the Flash. Not only does he have the hero’s connection to the Speed Force, but he has so much more on top of that. The vast magic he possesses and the powers still left unknown, as well as everything he’s accomplished in the DC Universe so far, make him a powerful figure that could rival even Superman.

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