Roman Reigns Surpasses WWE Hall of Famer With Latest WWE Universal Championship Run

Roman Reigns is on the best run of his WWE career so far, as he is dominating in the ring, in merchandise, and in star power. The Tribal Chief is one of the reasons SmackDown has become WWE’s flagship show, and now Reigns has surpassed an impressive milestone held by a WWE Hall of Fame and Legend. That Legend is Bret Hart, who was number 9 on the Combined Title Reigns list with 650 combined days, but Reigns has surpassed Hart with a reign of 651 days, moving into that spot. Reigns has been WWE Champion three times and Universal Champion twice, tieing Hart’s five title reigns.

Reigns will now move towards the next spot on the list, which is held by Randy Orton. Orton has. total of 14 reigns under his belt and has a combined total of 806 days, so Reigns has some catching up to do. That said, Reigns is on a monster streak at the moment, and with his reign not looking to end anytime soon, he could very well end up catching up and surpassing that lofty total.

If he did, the next on the list would be another jump, as the number 7 spot goes to Pedro Morales. Morales’ reign featured 162 defenses and lasted for 1,027 days, which is ridiculously impressive since it was one long title reign. After him is Triple H, who had 14 reigns totaling 1,234 days.

John Cena is next with 1,397 days over 16 title reigns and Brock Lesnar follows with 8 reigns and 1,442 days. The top three is made up of Bob Backlund (2,138), Hulk Hogan (2,185), and Bruno Sammartino. Sammartino holds a record that may very well never be topped, as he held the title twice and defended it 560 times for a combined total reign of 4,040.

Granted, someone might come along that will be that dominant, and Reigns is one of the better bets since he is still so early in his career. Still, over 4000 days is something else, but who knows, maybe one day it will be surpassed.


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