Rick And Morty Celebrates The Holidays With New Yule Log Video


You’d be hard-pressed to find Adult Swim fans that don’t agree that Rick And Morty has become one of the strongest series in the Cartoon Network programming block, and it seems that the grandfather/grandson team is getting into the Holiday spirit with a Yule Log video. With the fifth season of Rick And Morty recently coming to a close and changing the world of the Smith family forever thanks to the actions of “Evil Morty”, fans are waiting for news with regards to the series’ return, which is already in the works with season six.

There have been two episodes so far that have seen the Smith Clan celebrate the holidays, with those being Season 4’s Battlerick Ricklactica and Season 1’s Anatomy Park. While not entirely focused on the holidays, the episodes do focus on the winter season more often than not, and it’s no surprise to see that a new unique video has arrived to have Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith celebrate the end of the year in their own unique way. Of course, what makes this Yule Log different from other examples that we’ve seen from numerous series is that the members of the Smith Family sit in front of a television watching commercials from other dimensions, with no sound from the television being present.

Adult Swim shared the new video from Rick And Morty, with the grandfather and grandson watching a number of interdimensional commercials in front of the fire, making the video stretch to over thirty minutes as the classic Cartoon Network characters get into the holiday spirit:

Rick And Morty first hit the airwaves in 2013, introducing us to the surreal adventures of the universe hopping pair as they wade their way through extradimensional threats and mundane family issues. While fans await the arrival of the show’s sixth season, the series has already been confirmed for a season seven, which has apparently already begun production in terms of the creators working on scripts for the upcoming episodes. Becoming one of the most popular shows on Adult Swim, Rick And Morty surely has a bright future ahead of it.


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