PS5 Restock at Amazon Sells Out in Seconds

A new restock of the PlayStation 5 happened at retail giant Amazon today for those still looking to get their hands on Sony’s current generation platform. This is the second restock of the PS5 that Amazon has had over the past week, but unlike the last one, today’s new sale ended up being quite poor for many customers. In fact, numerous people have reported that the console itself wasn’t even available for a full minute.

After today’s restock of the PS5 at Amazon began, social media began to be littered with reactions from fans who were sharing their own experience with hunting the hardware down. And while a number of customers were ready to buy the PS5 the moment it became available, the console didn’t stick around for long. Mere seconds after the restock kicked off, the PS5 was quickly said to be sold out at Amazon, leaving many wondering what they could have possibly done to deserve this misfortune.

As a whole, this new restock was largely a failure for many who tried to once again buy the PS5 through Amazon. And while Amazon has been a reliable place to buy Sony’s latest video game console in the past, today’s sale didn’t turn out as many hoped that it would.

Are you someone who tried to grab the PS5 for yourself today in this new restock at Amazon? If so, let me know about your own experience either down in the comments or hit me up on Twitter at @MooreMan12.

In addition, be sure to keep reading onward if you would like to see the reactions from some customers when it came to today’s PS5 restock.

You Gotta Be Joking…

Had a PS5 in my cart and Amazon wouldn’t let me check out.

— ?. (@1of1unkwn) November 27, 2021


So Close But So Far

I was so close to getting a ps5 off Amazon ugh

— ?Sadie! ? (@Xia_Luna) November 27, 2021


Amazon Can’t Sell What it Doesn’t Have

Had a ps5 in my cart but Amazon wouldn’t let me check out ?

— Zach? (@Faletto_) November 27, 2021


The Classic Problem

Had a Ps5 in my Amazon cart but it wouldn’t let me check out. Insanely annoyed….

— Tony (@Tony_M816) November 27, 2021


Want a PS5? Nah, Here Are Some Wipes

Bra I just added a PS5 to my cart on Amazon & they added cotonelle wipes ???

— ??? (@124Bread) November 27, 2021


First the Jordans, Now the PS5

I didn’t hit on lightning 4s this morning. I just missed on PS5 thru Amazon. my luck is non existent these days

— ? (@lastplacejovani) November 27, 2021


Target and Walmart Might Now Be Better


— Jose Reyes (@JoseRey86792756) November 27, 2021


Please Help, Bezos!

@amazon @JeffBezos fix this ps5 stuff, cmon jeff just give me a ps5? i’m trying to get one for a friend, he’s younger and he’d love to have one… please help everyone out! we all just want a fair chance at a ps5

— Adam Miller (@AdamMil41321124) November 27, 2021


A Total Joke

I had that PS5 in my Amazon cart within 20 seconds of it going live and it was already out of stock. What a joke

— Ty (@haywood_19) November 27, 2021


10 Seconds and Already Gone

@amazon your PS5 digital edition restock sold out in less than 10 seconds, care to explain how a trillion dollar company can’t stop some Python bots?

— Jack G (@JackTheInventor) November 27, 2021


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