PS5 Restock at Amazon Is One of the Best Ever

A new restock of the PlayStation 5 transpired today at online retailer Amazon prior to the start of the holiday shopping season later this week. And while many PS5 restocks over the past year have been filled with frustration, misery, and annoyance, it seems like Amazon finally came through in the clutch today for a number of folks, making this one of the best sales that the console has ever seen.

Buy PS5 on Amazon

Not long after Amazon opened up its new PS5 restock for Prime members today, social media began filling up with impressions from customers who were once again chasing down Sony‘s next-gen console. Luckily, the responses this time around were ones of joy and excitement rather than depression. As a whole, a litany of people quickly reported that they were able to easily visit Amazon’s website and buy the PS5 without any issues whatsoever. Over the past year that the PS5 has been available, this has been one of the most fluid and accomodating restocks that we have ever seen.

Perhaps the most impressive part of this PS5 restock is that it stuck around for a bit, too. Rather than the hardware selling out in mere moments, many customers reported that they were still able to buy the console up to 10 minutes after the sale went live. Clearly, Amazon was sitting on a whole lot of PS5 units today and it felt like blessing those who were still searching for the platform in this busy holiday season.

Were you someone who was able to cop a PS5 through Amazon today? Let me know either down in the comments or message me on Twitter at @MooreMan12.

And if you would like to see some of the reactions from a number of different customers today who took part in this PS5 restock, keep reading on down below.

The PS5 Didn’t Sell Out in Seconds This Time

The ps5 was up in stock for a whole 10 minutes on Amazon, longest I’ve seen in a long time.

— Yencid pendragon (@yencid) November 23, 2021


Very Nice

Amazon Prime hooked up people easy with PS5 today

— Jimmy (@kittygetwet) November 23, 2021


Best Restock in Over a Year

You could’ve copped 10 PS5’s on Amazon just now if you had the accounts lol. Easiest it’s been since first pre-orders

— Ro (@Ronenic) November 23, 2021


Everybody Wins!

Sheesh everybody and they mom copped a PS5 off Amazon lmao

— Damian PHK (@PenthouseKicks) November 23, 2021


It Has Been a Good Day

copped 2 disc ps5 from amazon while listening bohemian rhapsody, pretty decent day

— kid1268 (@ChiggaLiang) November 23, 2021


Shoutout to the Wife

I got the best wife in the world. Ordered a PS5 off Amazon, was so excited I forgot to use my card… she says to me “Merry Christmas and Happy Anniversary” you n*s women could never…

— Sted (@yye_sted) November 23, 2021


The Hunt Is Over

So after over a year of trying to get the ps5, I finally got one from a random Amazon restock. I’ve been trying to get one at every single restock for so long and randomly I just got one. I am in disbelief. But my luck is now completely gone and I will most likely die soon ??

— Taylor Thormod (@TThormod) November 23, 2021


Amazon Is the GOAT

I will say this. Amazon has the best and smoothest #PS5 drops!

— D (Tracker for PS5 AT Target, Walmart, Gamestop) (@darrenb1982) November 23, 2021


Easiest Restock Ever

That was probably the easiest it has ever been to cop a PS5 from Amazon lol.

— On Tha Sticks Gaming (@onthasticks) November 23, 2021


Please Don’t Be a Mistake

lol I grabbed a ps5 on Amazon by pure happenstance. I’m still floored and waiting for an email saying the order confirmation was a mistake

— justin ? (@badabacus) November 23, 2021


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