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Here’s a post first published over eight-and-a-half years ago which never garnered a single comment.  I thought it might have better luck this time, so come on, Crivvies, don’t let me down.
Back in the early to mid-’70s, DC COMICS published a 9 issue run of a comic called BLACK MAGIC, which reprinted strips from the 1950s PRIZE COMICS mag of the same name.  Some of the art was revised in places to look less dated (and also to meet then-current Comics Code requirements) and, overall, the reproduction wasn’t quite as good as it could (and should) have been.  However, it was a noble attempt to present older tales to a then-modern readership, so here are the covers to all 9 issues of this short-lived but interesting revival of a SIMON & KIRBY classic.
Looking at these covers takes me right back in time.  I still remember the shop from which I bought the first issue, though it’s so long since I’ve been there that I’m unsure whether it still exists or not.  I suspect the latter.  Also, I don’t think I had every issue at the time, just the first three or four perhaps.  However, I’ve got ’em all now, even if it did take me 40 years to own the complete set.  Did you buy this mag back in the day, and if so, what are your memories of it?  
(Interestingly, the fourth issue featured a version of a hitherto unused cover originally intended for the first issue of the title’s initial 1950s run.)

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