Pokemon’s Multiverse Expands with New Anime Promo


Pokemon fans might have missed this a few years back, but the franchise operates in what most know as a multiverse. Each medium exists in a world all its own, and Pokemon shares its wonderful monsters with each world. In the anime, the multiverse hasn’t been explored much as Ash has led it for decades. But now, the multiverse is expanding with help from a new promo.

If you did not know, the multiverse came to light this past week when Pokemon Journeys shared its new episode. It was there fans watched as Dialga and Palkia ripped a tear into reality during a spar. The rift opened portals in Ash’s world to an alternate reality, and the episode ended with Ash meeting himself.

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Now, new promos for Pokemon Journeys have gone live, and they tease what’s to come in episode 90. The two-part multiverse adventure will continue this weekend in Japan. And thanks to character designer Shuhei Yasuda, fans know what to keep an eye out for.

“Following Dawn in episode 89, Ash, Goh, and Chloe from another world will show up in episode 90. Each appearance and the voice actor’s playfulness… are wonderful! The tiny Ash, Goh, Chloe, and Dawn scenes are lovable and cute, so I’m very fond of them,” the artist shared.

As you can see above, a still from Pokemon Journeys episode 90 was also shared. The image focuses on Raboot as the Galar starter makes a cute pose. Other images from the episode have gone live, and they show our Ash exploring a pasture filled with Pokemon eggs. It seems the alternate universe they’ve discovered is filled with unhatched Pokemon, so the world is very different from the one we know. But soon, audiences will find out more about this new Ash we’ve just met.


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