Pokemon Unite Asks Players Not to Use Broken Cramorant Bug


Pokemon Unite is acknowledging a gamebreaking bug and is asking players not to take advantage of it while they’re working on a solution. Pokemon Unite players have discovered an exploit involving Cramorant that makes the Pokemon invincible. Without going into too much detail, the glitch involves interrupting Cramorant’s scoring animation with a move, which keeps the Pokemon’s momentary invincibility intact even after the scoring is complete. The glitch is quite easy to do, which means that a lot of less than scrupulous players are taking advantage of the bug to raise their rank. Quite frankly, the glitch has made the game borderline unplayable, as players basically need to wage war on anyone with a Cramorant to prevent the possibility of them using the bug and then turning the rest of the match into a pointless slog.

You can check out an example of the bug in the video posted to Reddit below:

Perma invincible cramorant lol not sure if it’s cheat or bug from PokemonUnite

Players were hoping that developer Tencent would release a quick fix to the bug as it’s quickly become a nuisance over the weekend. Instead, the developers released a brief message on Twitter acknowledging the bug and politely asking players not to use it while they were working on a solution.

Attention Trainers! We are currently aware of a major bug regarding Cramorant. We are in the process of resolving this, but we ask that you please refrain from purposeful usage of the bug in-game.

Thank you for your patience and understanding! #PokemonUNITE

— Pok?mon UNITE (@PokemonUnite) December 13, 2021

Obviously, a solution will likely be released in the coming days, but the relatively slow response has to be frustrating to some players, especially as the game is about to launch a new Holiday Event later this week. The event will include a brand new Pokemon – Dragonite – as well as new map overlays featuring brand new Pokemon and holiday decorations. While Delibird and Articuno will appear as wild Pokemon in Shivre City, Tauros, Beartic, Cubchoo, Stantler, and Panpour will appear as wild Pokemon in Remoat Island.


The event will also include a special 4 v 4 mode, in which players enter without a battle item. However, when they defeat Delibird, they are gifted with one of nine battle items. When players are knocked out, they become a snowman that can still move around the stage, but they can’t attack until the snow melts away. Other bonuses and gifts will also be available, through limited time special trials, an Illumination Challenge in which players collect light by completing challenges, which can then be exchanged for light, and a photo challenge in which players unlock holiday items by collecting snowflakes and filling out a photo.

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