Pokemon Opens Its First Playground Over in Japan


The world of anime is no stranger to arriving in real-world attractions, with Universal Studios Japan bringing the likes of Attack On Titan, One Piece, Sailor Moon, and even Neon Genesis Evangelion to its park, as Studio Ghibli is set to open a park of its own next year to boot. Now, it seems that Pokemon is getting in on the action not with its own theme park, but with a playground dedicated to the “luckiest” pocket monsters that has recently opened in Japan.

Now is a great time for the Pokemon series, with the current season of the anime seeing Ash and Goh continuing their journey to defeat the trainers of the Galar Region and collect stronger Pokemon to add to their roster. On the video game front, Pokemon recently released Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl on the Nintendo Switch, with Pokemon Legends: Arceus set to hit next year.

The Official Poke_Times Twitter Account shared a look at the Pokemon Playground that is currently open in Namie Town, which will be the first of several that are set to hit Japan and celebrate the monster-catching series:

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The official website for Pokemon Japan shared new details about the Pokemon Playground, focusing on the “lucky” creatures that make up the roster of the pocket monster generations:

“The first garden of “Lucky Park” announced in October has finally opened! It’s a name that is likely to cause “lucky” things when you go out to play. This time, we will fully introduce the charm of “Lucky Park in Namie Town” which was opened in “Michinoeki Namie” in Namie Town, Fukushima Prefecture. “Lucky Park” is designed with the motif of “Lucky” of Fukushima support Pokemon, and park playsets of Pokemon who have an affinity with Lucky are installed.”


“Lucky Park” is currently the first of its kind, swinging open its gates to young fans of the Pokemon series, with new locales set to open next year. The park also throws in some synergy by allowing fans of Pokemon to bring their mobile devices and receive exclusives from Pokemon Go!, the augmented reality game that allows players to capture Pokemon based on their current locations.

Would you want to visit this Pokemon Playground? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of Pokemon.

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