Pokemon Journeys Celebrates Gengar in New Poster


Pokemon Journeys has seen Ash Ketchum and his new pal Goh capturing immensely strong Pokemon in their quest to defeat the trainers of the Galar Region, including the Champion Leon with his unbeatable Charizard, and a new poster for the latest season of the anime highlights one of Ash’s strongest acquisitions in Gengar. Adding the Ghost-Type Pokemon to the likes of Lucario, Dragonite, Far Fetch’d, and Pikachu to name a few, Gengar has definitely earned its place as one of the strongest members of Ash’s ever-expanding roster of pocket monsters that follow him in the anime.

Ash’s Gengar had quite the tragic backstory, having been abandoned by his original trainer and stewing in sadness before Ketchum encountered him during his victory lap in Pokemon Journeys. With the current Pokemon protagonist adding the ghost-type creature to his roster, Ash recently employed the use of Gengar in battling against the Gym Leader Volkner, though the smiling monster was ultimately unable to claim victory. As Gengar continues being a vital part of Ash’s team, we definitely expect to see more of the large creature as Ketchum continues his quest of not just defeating the Galar trainers but also in becoming the greatest Pokemon trainer the world has ever seen.

Pash Magazine’s Official Twitter Account shared this new Pokemon Journeys poster which sees Ash and Goh joined by Pikachu and Gengar, with the latest season of the anime being one of the most interesting entries in the franchise based on the original Nintendo video games:

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— PASH!??? (@magazine_pash) December 8, 2021

Gengar recently made the headlines not thanks to the anime series, but thanks in part to a wild chair that was modeled after the large pocket monster. Created by the company Cellutane, the beanbag chair retails for around $226 USD and is but one of many pieces of merchandise that have been released for Pokemon throughout the decades. As Gengar continues working alongside Ash in the anime, we wouldn’t be surprised if his popularity continues to skyrocket amongst the anime community.


What do you think the future holds for Ash’s Gengar? Do you think Ketchum will one day be able to defeat Leon and the other Galar trainers? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of Pokemon.

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