Pokemon Go’s New Loading Screen Teases Powerful New Pokemon


Pokemon Go’s loading screen has players excited due to the appearance of a new Pokemon that could tremendously shake up PvP play. Earlier today, Niantic pushed a brand new loading screen for Pokemon Go. The festive loading screen shows a Beartic collecting presents while a Chespin, Cleffa, Larvitar, and Swinub look on, either in anticipation of receiving presents or in the hopes that their combined attack strength can overpower Beartic when they gang up on the present-laden Pokemon. Also appearing in the loading screen is Bergmite, an Ice-type Pokemon not currently available in Pokemon Go. Bergmite is a Gen 6 Pokemon and evolves into Avalugg, another pure Ice-type Pokemon.

Bergmite’s inclusion is a clear sign that it will be introduced in the coming weeks to Pokemon Go. While the Pokemon isn’t much of a powerhouse in main series Pokemon games, some players are excited not only because we’ll be getting another new Pokemon in the near future, but also because Avalugg has the potential to majorly shake up the Master League, the highest level of the PvP Go Battle League. Because of its high Defense stats and above average Stamina stats and a strong typing against the Dragon-type Legendary Pokemon that tend to dominate the Master League, Avalugg should make a major impact in the Master League.

It’s unclear when Avalugg will make its first appearance in Pokemon Go. While the game has a full slate of events taking place in December, there’s not a true winter-y event set for the month. Instead, players will get a Dragon-themed event, a Holiday event, and a Swinub Incense Day event. This month also marks the beginning of the Season of Heritage, a multi-month “season” that ties into Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Other perks introduced to the event include the addition of Reshiram, Zekrom, and Kyurem’s Shiny forms and a new storyline involving a mysterious door of some kind.


Stay tuned for more information about when Avalugg will be introduced to Pokemon Go.

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