Pokemon Go Announces Mountains of Power Event Details


Pokemon Go’s upcoming Mountains of Power event will be headlined by a new Mega Evolved Pokemon. Mega Aerodactyl will make its debut in Pokemon Go as part of the event’s upcoming “Mountains of Power” event. The event is inspired by the mountains found in the Johto and Sinnoh regions and continues an in-game storyline involving a mysterious door. The event will also feature certain Pokemon spawning more often during the event. These include Zubat, Machop, Geodude, Slugma, Nosepass, Barboach, Onix and Ferroseed. Additionally, Mawile and Beldum will appear as rewards for Timed Research, while Alolan Geodude, Onix, Beldum, Bronzor, Ursaring, Donphan, Medicham, Absol, and Heatran will all appear in raids. Players will have a 1/2 walking distance bonus to earn candy with their Buddy Pokemon.

Mega Aerodactyl will become the best Rock-type attacker in Pokemon Go when it debuts, so many players (especially those who enjoy raiding) will be happy to see the Pokemon added to the rotation. Like other Mega Evolved Pokemon, Mega Aerodactyl can be temporarily Mega Evolved from a normal Aerodactyl using Mega Candy, which can be obtained most easily through raids.

The event is part of an already busy January that should see the introduction of multiple new Pokemon to the popular mobile game. Pokemon Go just wrapped up its New Year’s event, which featured new Costumed Pokemon, and has plans to hold two additional events this month. Later this month, the game plans to host a Kanto Power Plant event that will focus on Steel-type and Electric-type Pokemon. Based on a loading screen added to the game earlier this month, Helioptile and Flabebe will also be added to the game in the coming weeks. A normal Community Day event featuring the Water/Ice-type Pokemon Spheal will also take place later this month, while a “Community Day Classic” event featuring Bulbasaur was also just added to the schedule.

The Season of Heritage, which focuses on a mysterious door discovered by the characters of Pokemon Go ties into both Pokemon Legends: Arceus, which takes place at the end of the month, and the upcoming Pokemon Go Tour: Johto event. It’s unclear if Pokemon Go has plans to have a tie-in event with the new Pokemon game, although our guess that the mysterious door will have some Hisuian Pokemon locked away behind it.


The Mountains of Power event will run from January 7th to January 13th.

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