Pokemon Evolutions Moves Forward with Episode 7: Watch


While Pokemon Journeys might continue the story of Ash Ketchum on his road to becoming one of the greatest Pokemon trainers that the world has ever seen, but spin-off series such as Pokemon Evolutions takes the opportunity to explore the anime world that introduced fans to hundreds of pocket monsters over the years. With the seventh episode of the Pokemon spin-off series having arrived, a new story has been shown that revolves around a number of actors recreating legends of their world’s past while using more than a few special Pokemon in order to do so.

The official description of this new episode of Pokemon Evolutions reads as such:

“Outfits…lights…makeup! The curtain rises on the Kimono Girls as they perform a tale of Johto’s Legendary Pok?mon! Journey to Johto and discover secrets from this historic region in Pok?mon Evolutions episode 7!”

The Official Pokemon Youtube Channel shared the new episode of the popular spin-off series, which uses some state of the art animation to help weave a short story that takes place within the Pokemon universe without featuring a battle between the pocket monsters:

The entirety of the Pokemon Evolutions’ episodes that have aired to date, along with the installments that are set to arrive in the future, reads as such:


While Ash’s adventure has predominantly revolved around Pokemon battling one another thanks to the actions of their trainers, the video games mostly follow suit sans for a few exceptions. Recently, in the live-action feature-length film, Detective Pikachu, fans were introduced to the locale of Ryme City, which saw humans and Pokemon living side by side and not entirely focused on battles but rather, trying to live alongside one another in peace. While rumors swirled that a sequel movie is in the works, Netflix is currently working on a live-action Pokemon series which might arrive before we see the return of the electric mouse voiced by Ryan Reynolds.

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