Pokemon Cosplay Brings Garchomp’s Cutest Look to Life


Pokemon is back in the headlines these days, and we have a new remake series to thank! If you did not know, the franchise revived Pokemon Diamond and Pearl with two gorgeous remakes. Fans from all walks of life have been given the chance to check out Sinnoh through these games, and now, one fan is celebrating their release with a wild Garchomp cosplay.

The piece comes from Instagram courtesy of Willow Creative. The cosplayer has done a number of looks in their past, and their mascot projects are some of the best online. So when Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl went live, you know they had to show off.

“Garchomp suit-up in one minute! Real-time is 5 minutes. All the fins can be removed with velcro, and the feet attach with a zipper, similarly to zip-off pants. One big zipper in the back to get into the costume, and two small zippers along the wrists so i can easily use my hands when necessary,” Willow Creative shared.

“Garchomp is made similar to Mewtwo: I used his 3dmodel to create a lifesize pattern in Pepakura. It is then cut out of 3cm upholstery foam, glued with lots of contact cement glue, then glued to a bodysuit and fleece was mostly handsewn on top as skin.”

As you can see above, the cosplay is downright adorable, and it gets all of Garchomp’s proportions perfect. From its fins to its claws and tail, it is hard to find a single thing off with the piece. It just goes to show how much heart went into this Pokemon cosplay. And of course, Willow Creative is unmatched when it comes to bringing the franchise’s pocket monsters to life.


What do you think of this impressive Pokemon cosplay? Which other monsters should this cosplayer tackle next? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.

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