Pokemon Celebrates Our Top Trainers with New Sneaker Line


Pokemon is living large right now, and the franchise has a lot to thank for its success. From its games to its TV shows, the fantastical series has become a staple for fans around the world. Of course, The Pokemon Company is rising to the demand with new merchandise, and the store just outdid itself with a new sneaker line.

The collection made its debut overseas on Pokemon’s official Japanese store. It was there fans learned some of Galar’s top trainers are getting their shoes produced in real life. So if you ever wanted to walk a mile in Raihan’s shoes, your time has come.

pokemon-shoes.png(Photo: The Pokemon Center)

Right now, the collection includes a good few trainers such as Raihan, Leon, and even Marnie. Sadly, the latter’s shoes do not have any spikes on them, but their metal detailing is spot on. Marnie would be proud to rock the black leather pieces, and we’re sure her brother would agree. Though if we had to guess, he would rather don a pair of platform Demonia boots with plenty of metal plating!

As for the other shoes in this collection, Raihan has some high-top sneakers with orange soles and gold detailing. The style is similar to Leon’s shoes which are for sale in black and white. The slip-ons feature a black sole as seen in the Pokemon anime, and crossed laces finishes up the sneakers.

There are other sneakers available through Japan’s official store, and fans stateside will want them ASAP. A slew of shoes has debuted based on Pokemon like Cinderace, Togepi, Ditto, Mimikyu, and Zigzagoon. But if you want these kicks, it will cost you. The most expensive pair of sneakers cost nearly $250 USD before tax or shipping with the cheapest pairs priced near $200.


Do you like any of these new Pokemon shoes? Which other kicks from the anime or games need to be made IRL? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.

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