PlayStation Spartacus Report Claims It Won’t Have Xbox Game Pass’ Best Feature

A new report centered around PlayStation Spartacus, which is the supposed codename of Sony‘s rumored subscription service, has claimed that the platform won’t feature the best aspect that competitor Xbox Game Pass offers. In recent years, the success of Xbox Game Pass has prompted a number of different video game publishers to start their own subscription platforms as well. And while PlayStation already has a handful of subscription services as it is, it sounds like this new Spartacus platform will still be pretty different from Game Pass.

According to Bloomberg, Sony is set to announce its PlayStation Spartacus service at some point in the coming days. However, Spartacus supposedly won’t end up giving subscribers access to PlayStation first-party titles on the first day of their release. This is something that Xbox Game Pass has done for a prolonged period of time and it’s easily the best feature of Microsoft’s service. Based on this reporting, though, PlayStation doesn’t plan to add exclusives like God of War Ragnarok, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, or Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Remake to Spartacus when they first release.

So what will PlayStation Spartacus do if it’s not making exclusives like this available to subscribers? Well, that remains to be seen, but it sounds like Sony is planning to merge both of its PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now services with Spartacus. This merged version of both subscription platforms will then be made available in different tiers, with each tier offering different perks of some sort. And while day-one exclusives won’t be a perk associated with these tiers, Sony is said to allow subscribers to stream certain games or even test out demos for upcoming titles with Spartacus.

Given how much noise we have started to hear about PlayStation Spartacus in recent days, it stands to reason that a formal announcement should be coming from Sony soon enough. Whenever we do hear more details in an official capacity, we’ll be sure to let you know here on


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