PlayStation Reportedly Requiring Timed Game Trials for New PS Plus Tier

PlayStation users planning on subscribing to the new PlayStation Plus Premium tier will already get the package with the most features whenever those new tiers roll out, but it looks like there may be yet another benefit on the way if new reports are accurate. It’s been reported this week that Sony is currently instructing game developers to plan for making timed game trials for those subscribed to PlayStation Plus at the Premium level in order to try a game before buying it. These trials will supposedly be subject to guidelines put in place by Sony to decide which games get trials and how long they must be, but Sony hasn’t formally announced anything at this time.

News of this supposed PlayStation Plus Premium benefit comes from Game Developer which reported that the trials will be required for PlayStation games priced at $34 or more. Assuming it’s the one that’s used to govern the game trial requirements, that price range would encompass quite a few games considering most high-profile releases go for $60 or $70 now. These timed trials are supposed to last at least two hours once created, according to Game Developer’s sources.

Those same sources also said that the information had not been communicated to developers prior to an update being released via Sony’s developer portal. While there are the aforementioned requirements in place for the timed trials, Sony also detailed some exceptions including that these timed trials don’t have to be retroactive. The trials also have a three-month window to be released after a game launches on the PlayStation Store, so for those subscribed to PlayStation Plus Premium, that means you may not always see a particular trial released alongside the game itself. That’s not ideal for those who’d want to use those trials to try before they buy, but it’s a bit of flexibility offered to the creators who are trying to get the game itself ready to release on whatever its launch day is instead of worrying about both the game and the trial at the same time.


Sony recently announced the release dates for these new PlayStation Plus tiers which are scheduled to come to the Americas in June, but it’s not known when this timed trial policy will be in effect assuming it’s being implemented as the report suggested.

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