PlayStation Plus Subscribers on PS5 Are Losing a Critically-Acclaimed Game Soon

One of the most critically-acclaimed games on PlayStation Plus that is available to PlayStation 5 users is going to be removed from the service very soon. When the PS5 first launched, Sony introduced a new library of games from the PS4 that it called the PlayStation Plus Collection. This lineup was meant to provide PS Plus subscribers with a slate of some of the best titles from the PS4 era to play on PS5. And while this lineup has remained static ever since it first arrived, one of the best games within the collection will be removed in the coming day.

As of tomorrow, May 11th, Atlus’ beloved JRPG Persona 5 is officially going to be removed from the PlayStation Plus Collection. Sony hasn’t explained why Persona 5 is being taken away, but this marks the first time that such a move has ever been made to the PlayStation Plus Collection. It also marks a pretty big blow to the PS Plus Collection as a whole as Persona 5 has been one of the most well-regarded titles on the service. To date, Persona 5 boasts an impressive 93/100 score on Metacritic, which makes it one of the most highly-rated games to ever come to PS4.

It’s worth stressing that even though Persona 5 is about to depart from the PS Plus Collection, those who have added the game to their own library will still be able to play it in perpetuity as we move forward. Basically, this is just like any other month where PS Plus gives out its free slate of titles. As long as you add it to your own library before it’s gone, you won’t lose access to it. So just make sure that you do this for yourself in the coming day, assuming that you own a PS5 and are capable of doing so.


Are you upset to see that Persona 5 is being taken out of the PlayStation Plus Collection? And have you downloaded this game for yourself already, or do you simply not care to own it? Let me know either down in the comments or reach out to me on Twitter at @MooreMan12.

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