Pick of the Week #809 – Fantastic Four #38


The Gentlemen from iFanboy would like to put forth a motion to dismiss all comic book renumberings. This week’s books have triumphs and failures, and at least one spectacular page. Also, what is sexy? Well, we’ll tell you, while we go long on every single part of the show.

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Running Time: 01:18:45

Pick of the Week:

00:01:44 – Fantastic Four #38


00:12:48 – The Human Target #2

00:16:32 – Daredevil #36

00:26:37 – The Me You Love in the Dark #5

00:33:52 – Serial #8

00:36:02 – Nightwing 2021 Annual

00:39:07 – King of Spies #1

00:42:05 – The Avengers #750 (#50)

Patron Pick:

00:38:31 – Wonder Woman Historia: The Amazons, Book One

Patron Thanks:

01:00:30 – Old Man Tony

01:02:42 – Jake

Listener Mail:

01:04:29 – Dave’s thinking about Wonder Man and his absence in the MCU.

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“Winter Wonderland”

Jeff Goldblum and the Mildred Snitzer Orchestra

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