Pete Davidson’s New Years Look Draws Comparisons To Beetlejuice

Pete Davidson’s New Year’s Eve look had a bunch of people online comparing him to Beetlejuice. The SNL star and Miley Cyrus teamed up to host the network’s ball-dropping ceremony. (Titled Miley’s New Year’s Eve Party Hosted By Miley Cyrus and Pete Davidson.) During that special, the comedian stepped up in a nice tux with his hair a bit fluffier than usual and the jokes just began to fly. Any time someone famous wears something a little out of the ordinary, Twitter and Facebook get to work with the memes and jokes. New Year’s Eve 2021 would prove no different. Saturday Night Live fans will note that Davidson has been wearing some very “out there” costumes over the last few seasons. He played The Grinch, Jack Skellington, and Count Chocula over the last year and change. So, taking those laughs where he can get them is a part of the SNL star’s brand now. Check out some of the best reactions down below:

Davidson also starred in The Suicide Squad, and made quite an impression on his co-stars. Nathan Fillion told Sirius XM that he absolutely loved working with the comedian.

Pete Davidson looks like Millenial Beetlejuice.

— Seagull Gowron, digital bookperson (@droglin) December 31, 2021

“I was able to zip off and do another project really quick, I did a little role in the new Suicide Squad where I met a couple of really cool people, one of them Pete Davidson,” Fillion began. “Let me tell you what I never knew about Pete Davidson, how incredibly charming he is, oh my god. I always thought that kid looked like ten miles of bad road, I said ‘Who’s this guy? Who’s this guy coming in?’ He’s the nicest man, the nicest man. I used to think I was the nicest man.”

Did you manage to catch that wild suit live? Let us know down in the comments!

Maybe so

Is Pete Davidson getting ready to star in a BEETLEJUICE remake?

— devin (@devincf) December 31, 2021


Strange times

Pete Davidson looking like Beetlejuice these days

— Kerri ? (@KerriJersey) December 30, 2021


Don’t speak it up

The Beetlejuice origins movie with Pete Davidson

— Kagiso Mells (@KagisoMELLS) January 1, 2022


No offense

Nothing against him cuz he seems nice, but does Pete Davidson look like a real life Beetlejuice? No makeup required. ????

— B.J. Peterson (@bjxmas) January 1, 2022


It’s not just you

Is it just me or is Beetlejuice starting to become Pete Davidson? ?@Rockymtngirl25 @aspenaidan

— Mr. Watson (@MrWatsonsGhost) January 1, 2022


So many jokes

If you say, “Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!” three times, Pete Davidson will appear!

— Stan Siber (@StanSiber) January 1, 2022


The vibes are immaculate

Pete Davidson giving some serious Beetlejuice vibes.

— Stephen Beck (@stephenbeck) January 1, 2022


Just an avalanche

Pete Davidson is what I imagine Beetlejuice looked like when he was alive. #MileysNewYearsEveParty

— Matt Reinstetle (@stetle) January 1, 2022


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