Peaky Blinders Sixth And Final Season Gets A Netflix Premiere Date

Netflix has revealed the official release date for Peaky Blinders Season 6, which is June 10th. Just in time to kick off summer right! The Peaky Blinders Season 6 premiere date had previously been announced by the BBC, which airs the show for broadcast before it hits Netflix streaming. Peaky Blinders Season 6 has been airing since late February on BBC One, achieving a record 3.8 million viewers with its season premiere, proving the show hasn’t lost any momentum since the Season 5 finale scored similar ratings in fall 2019. Peaky Blinders Season 6 will consist of six episodes.

Peaky Blinders suffered a major casting loss between Seasons 5 and 6, as actress Helen McCrory (who played Shelby clan matriarch Polly Gray) died of cancer last spring, at the age of 52. The Peaky Blinders Season 6 premiere will reportedly be dedicated to McCrory (and obviously, the massive pains of her absence in the show).

peaky-blinders-final-season-6-ending-1252985.jpg(Photo: BBC/Netflix)

Like every other major TV or Film production, Peaky Blinders came up against the hard demands of the COVID-19 pandemic. Just getting to Season 6 was a big undertaking for the cast – something that the makers of the show have not been shy about:

“Peaky is back and with a bang,” said Peaky Blinders creator Stephen Knight back when Season 6 was announced. “After the enforced production delay due to the COVID pandemic, we find the family in extreme jeopardy and the stakes have never been higher. We believe this will be the best series of all and are sure that our amazing fans will love it. While the TV series will be coming to an end, the story will continue in another form.”

Executive producer Caryn Mandabach added that “Along with our wonderful, supportive partners at BBC and Netflix, we have been working diligently to ensure we can get Peaky safely back into production; the safety of our cast and crew is always our priority. Thank you to all the Peaky fans who have been so unwaveringly supportive and patient. Steve’s scripts are incredible and mark the end of an epic story that has entranced audiences it first started in 2013, but the world of Peaky Blinders will most definitely live on.”


Peaky Blinders Season 5 ended on the darkest note the series has seen – and that’s saying something. The Fascist Party successfully took root in England, while Tommy Shelby’s (Cillian Murphy) chess-like plan to infiltrate the Fascists and dismantle them for Winston Churchill utterly backfired, as the Peaky Blinders were betrayed, and key members of the group were killed. The Shelby Family inner circle was fractured as Tommy and Michael became foes instead of family, with Polly siding with her biological son (Michael) instead of her surrogate one (Tommy). It all led to Tommy’s mental health crumbling (maybe for good) as he was last seen going half-mad with a gun to his own head.

Source: Deadline

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