One Piece Reveals the Victor of Big Mom vs. Law and Kid

One Piece has officially revealed the final victor of the fight between Big Mom and Trafalgar Law and Eustass Kid of the Worst Generation. As the fight across Onigashima continues making its way through its climax, it’s becoming increasingly clear that Luffy was closer than ever before to actually taking out Kaido on the top of the Skull Dome. And while it had seemed like the defeat of one Emperor was impossible at the start of the arc, the defeat of two seemed even more so as Law and Kid continued to struggle against Big Mom on the lower floors. Until the newest chapter changes everything.

The previous chapter of the series saw Big Mom reeling from Law and Kid’s combined efforts for the first real time since they began fighting her on the lower floors, and the two of them wanted to put a stop to her by any means necessary in order to keep her from interrupting the fight on the roof. As the fight reached its climax with the newest chapter, the two of them make one final push against the Emperor and ultimately are able to defeat her as the newest chapter of the series confirmed their massive victory.

one-piece-big-mom-law-kid-fight-winner-manga-spoilers.jpg(Photo: Shueisha)

Chapter 1040 of One Piece reveals that although Law and Kid had a clever plan to pin down Big Mom and send her crashing into the island of Wano below, she was still able to fight back. Her tenacity at the brink of death sees her activating not only her Conqueror’s Haki, but uses her most powerful Life or Death technique that sucks the souls out of everyone around. It doesn’t impact Law or Kid in the slightest as the two of them no longer fear her, and with that they push one final time to trap her within Law’s newest technique (which silences all sound within a bubble and keeps Big Mom from using her soul stealing powers).

Kept trapped in the bubble and unable to make a sound, she’s unable to catch herself while she falls through the hole in the island Law had made earlier and Kid hits her one more time to send her flying straight down. As she reflects on the fight overall and her dream slipping from her grasp, Big Mom crashes down on Wano below in a giant explosion. One would think she could still make it out somehow, but Eiichiro Oda made sure to include an official statement that Law and Kid defeated Big Mom once and for all.


What do you think? How do you feel about the defeat of this major Emperor? What do you think it means for Luffy’s fight with Kaido? If two Emperors are defeated, how will the rest of the world’s powers shift in response? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!

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