One Piece Cliffhanger Frees Sanji’s Wild Power

One Piece is continuing to tell the story of the War For Wano Arc, pitting the individual members of the Straw Hat Pirates against the powerful forces of the Beast Pirates. With the likes of Luffy squaring off against Kaido and Zoro currently tangling with King, the Straw Hats’ cook Sanji is in a battle of his own that sees him battling against the nefarious Queen, the swashbuckler who is steeped in the world of science and has the ability to transform into a massive brontosaurus. At his wit’s end, Sanji has seemingly unleashed his full power.

Warning. If you have yet to read chapter 1034 of One Piece’s manga, turn back now as we’ll be diving into spoiler territory for the Wano Arc.

Sanji might be the Thousand Sunny’s resident cook, but he harbors a secret power that he finds himself ashamed of as a part of the Germa 66, the military branch that protects both the Germa Kingdom and its ruler in the Vinsmoke Family. With the force styling themselves after a Sentai aesthetic similar to that of the Power Rangers or Kamen Rider, Sanji has the ability to rely on these abilities when he is in dire straits, though absolutely despises having to do so.

With Sanji originally going by Stealth Black as a part of the Vinsmoke Clan, the Beast Pirate Queen reveals that he too has the ability to use the power of Germa 66, surprising the Straw Hat by unleashing a number of moves including the likes of Henry Blazer, Winch Guillotine, Sparking Valkyrie and more. Unleashing the full extent of his abilities that we know of, Sanji is able to rely on his “exoskeleton, muscle, and speed..all of which increase strength,” to deliver what might be the winning blow to Queen.

With Eiichiro Oda stating that he is looking to bring the story of One Piece to a close within the next five years, it should be interesting to see how much more Sanji can develop and whether or not he’ll have the chance to further explore his past while putting some of his problems to bed at the same time.


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