Nintendo Fans Are Hoping For Breath of the Wild 2 Trailer at The Game Awards

Nintendo fans are hoping for a Game Awards miracle this week. It’s been months since anything was revealed about The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2. But, some people think that the yearly showcase could play host to one of the most shocking reveals of recent years. Now, it’s probably unlikely that Nintendo would see fit to debut the most anticipated Switch title for next year on a show that they don’t control. Strange things occur sometimes though, and it won’t stop the speculation train once it left the station. (Seriously, remember all the fervor around that last Nintendo Direct or any of the recent Smash reveals? It will be pandemonium whenever there’s an announcement.) The Game Awards has a lot of other announcements on the docket, but even “mid-tier” Nintendo moments tend to get the fans talking. Could it happen? Sure, anything is possible.

Earlier this year, during a Nintendo event, producer Fiji Aonuma told fans that they were sorry it was taking this long.

People gassing themselves up for Breath of the Wild 2/Xenoblade 3 later tonight are going to be in for a surprise when we get another trailer for Kirby the Forgotten Land instead

— Interesting Christmas Hat (Loucas) (@LSav00) December 9, 2021

“I’m sure a lot of you saw me and thought there might be news about the sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild game,” he began. “Unfortunately, we don’t have anything to share right now. We apologise. Development is proceeding smoothly, and we should be able to bring you some new information this year. For now, we’ll have to ask you to wait just a bit longer.”

Do you think we see Breath of the Wild 2 tonight? Let us know down in the comments!

Just imagine

Imagine at the game awards Breath of the Wild 2 wins most anticipated game and they actually do a reveal.

— ??The Boi ?? (@WonderfulDire) December 9, 2021


The tweets are everywhere

i shouldnt get my hopes up about botw2 news at tga, the show where more breath of the wild 2 news WILL be shared which is something i shouldnt get my hopes up for but we will hear more about botw2 during the game awards, which is tonight and i shouldnt be too hopeful but during t

— dorian ? (@impasbitch) December 9, 2021


Would break social media

While it would be cool to see Breath of the Wild 2 at #GameAwards, I don’t think it might be shown tonight.
I’m just trying to set my expectations low and save all my hype for Sonic.

— Alex: The Mighty yet Normal (@alexhisdumbstu1) December 9, 2021



Whoever out there has all 3 pieces of the Triforce assembled, listen to me!!!

Don’t wish for the destruction of Demise, to drown Hyrule, rule the Sacred Realm, or fix Lorule’s problems.


— RevADB (@Rev_ADB) December 9, 2021


All of this would be hype

game awards announcements I’m hoping for:

Final Fantasy XVI

Ghostwire Tokyo

Breath of the Wild 2

Persona 5 Royal switch port

Vampire The Masquerade 2

Cyberpunk expansion?

What are you all hoping to see tonight?

— what ever happens…happens (@klokparty) December 9, 2021


Everyone go home

zelda aint happening

— Link (Breath of the Wild 2) (@Nebby_Star) December 9, 2021


No lies were told

Me getting ready to have my hopes crushed tonight. #botw2

— ? Li Kov?cs ? Hyrule ? (@LiKovacs) December 9, 2021


Here’s hoping

There is no way they are going to show breath of the wild 2 tonight.
But I’m desperate so

— Signora Mythomagic (@Howling_Allie) December 9, 2021


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