Nicolas Cage Wants in on The Batman Universe and to Play This Villain

Actor Nicolas Cage has already dabbled in the world of superheroes by playing Johnny Blaze in Ghost Rider and Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, but if he were to return to the world of comic books, he could see himself playing Egghead against Robert Pattinson’s Batman. The character originated in Adam West’s Batman TV series and was played by Vincent Price, with the character then making appearances in a variety of Batman comics. While Egghead might be one of the more absurd characters in Batman’s roster of villains, Cage could arguably be the only actor fans could imagine actually bringing the figure to life in an authentic way.

“I like… oh, here’s something, I’ve been thinking about this, because we have this new, Robert Pattinson as the Batman, which I haven’t seen it yet, but I think he would be terrific, the villain that Vincent Price played on the ’60s show, Egghead,” Cage shared at SXSW while talking about superheroes. “I think I want to have a go at Egghead. I think I could make him absolutely terrifying. And I have a concept for Egghead. So let them know over at Warner Bros. I’m down for Egghead.”

As his name implies, Egghead is known more for his intellect than his physical prowess, as well as his bald and egg-shaped head. Given the campy nature of his origin, he was also known for injecting egg-related puns into his dialogue, making him a challenge to incorporate into more grounded adventures. Understandably, given the trend of Batman stories in live-action being more of the gritty variety, it might be hard to imagine him ever getting the big-screen treatment. However, rumors about the future of The Batman could actually allow such an opportunity to exist in the future in a believable way.

Both in The Batman and based on comments made by filmmaker Matt Reeves, the Batman: Hush storyline has been teased for a future adventure. While the main antagonist is Hush, there are appearances by a number of different villains throughout the narrative, so while Egghead wouldn’t have to carry the weight of the entire outing, he could surely make a cameo, potentially in a way that would honor what Cage has in mind for the figure.

Stay tuned for details on Cage’s possible forays back into the world of superheros.


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