New G.I. Joe Classified Series Figure Pre-Orders: Cobra B.A.T, and Alley Viper

The first day of any month usually means midnight pre-order launches, and that is certainly the case with Hasbro. December 1st brought to new figures in their G.I. Joe Classified Series – the Cobra B.A.T. and Cobra Alley Viper.

Ready to build some armies? Pre-orders for the the Cobra B.A.T. figure are live here at Entertainment Earth now for $22.99. The Cobra Alley Viper is also available to pre-order here at Entertainment Earth for $22.99. Both figures are expected to arrive in July. Entertainment Earth is also offering a Wave 7 case that includes multiples of the Cobra B.A.T. and Alley Viper along with the previously released Gung-Ho. That case is available to pre-order here for $137.99 with free US shipping.

Buy G.I. Joe Classified Series Figures at Entertainment Earthgi-joe-alley-viper.jpg

Note that Walmart began selling the Cobra B.A.T. and Cobra Alley Viper G.I. Joe Classified Series last month, which led to speculation that they were exclusives. This is not the case. Walmart has removed the listings, though they were still up with codenames at the time of writing. Restocks might be available via the links below in the coming days:


If you are unfamiliar, Hasbro’s G.I. Joe Classified Series line gives a 21st century upgrade to the classic G.I. Joe toys of the ’80s. These upgrades include a 6-inch scale, more articulation, and significantly improved details and accessories. The Alley Viper figure comes with a shield, 2 knives, a sub-machine gun, assault rifle, crossbow, and backpack. The B.A.T figure includes multiple heads, multiple hands, 2 chest plates, a pistol, and a backpack.

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