Naruto Welcomes One of Sasuke’s Most Heartwarming Moments Yet

Naruto Uzumaki may be in the running to win the Hidden Leaf’s Father of the Year award, but he is not alone. Thanks to Boruto, the sequel has put forward some of the best parenting we have seen in Konoha, but Naruto is not the top performer. It turns out Sasuke is gunning for first place, and the anime’s most recent episode has put him in a better position.

The update went live this weekend when Boruto: Naruto Next Generations put forward a new episode. The slice-of-life piece checked in on Sarada after the girl earned her title as chunin. It went on to show Sasuke’s reaction to his daughter being promoted, and the cute moment has fans loving Sasuke even more so than usual.


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As you can see above, Sasuke and Sarada had their moment together at home when the latter could not get to sleep. Feeling uncertain about her big promotion, Sarada finds herself awake at night when her dad comes to check on her. The pair have a nice conversation that ends with Sasuke encouraging his kid. And when the Uchiha gives a smile once he shuts Sarada’s door, things get super cute.

Clearly, Sasuke is proud that his daughter has made chunin, and she did it way sooner than he did. Sasuke and Naruto spent most of their youth as genin. Sarada’s dad was too busy training with Orochimaru to earn the promotion. Now, Sarada has bested her dad, and Sasuke couldn’t be happier about it. The only question remains whether Boruto can live up to his dad’s legacy or if that is the path he wants to take.


What do you think about this latest moment with Sasuke? Do you think the ninja is still winning Konaha’s father of the year award? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.

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