My Hero Academia: When Will Season 6 Premiere?

My Hero Academia may not be front and center these days on TV, but it won’t be long before that changes. If you are keeping up with the franchise, you will know its team is hard at work on a new season. After all, the show’s fifth season ended this year with a dreadful cliffhanger that left much of the fandom on edge. So if you are wondering when season six is debuting, well – you are not alone.

Still, there is good reason to believe My Hero Academia will stick to the status quo. A handful of past premieres have tackled the show before. They can give us an idea of when season six will debut, and it sounds like next spring might be the most likely release window.

Let’s examine the facts. My Hero Academia has put out five seasons to date, and its releases are pretty scheduled. Season one went live in April 2016 before the second went live exactly a year later. As for season three, it debuted in April 2018 before season four swapped to an October 2019 debut. Season five pushed things back in the right direction as it debuted this March, so all eyes are on season six now.

While there is no official word out on its release date, My Hero Academia has a clear thing for the spring. The show has debuted four of its five seasons in the spring cour, so that should tell you something. If history repeats itself, fans can be season six will move from March to April and treat fans to new episodes through September 2022.

It won’t be much longer until fans are given a more concrete release window for the show. My Hero Academia will be at Jump Festa this coming weekend, so the window might be shared then. Few details have been given out about season six, so this kind of update would be very welcome! The finale of season five promised war is on the horizon given Shigaraki’s new powers, but Izuku has been training hard on his own. It won’t be long before they clash once again, but the question remains whether the heroes or villains will win.


When do you think the show’s sixth season will drop? Will you be watching My Hero Academia? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.

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